Jay-Z Spends $350,000 on Christmas Gifts for His Wife

Jay-Z spends $350K at Hermes for Beyonce's Christmas gift

It’s pretty clear by now just how lavishly Jay-z and Beyonce are living. You surely remember what the missus bought her husband for a birthday gift this year: a £1.3 million Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport.

Now it was time for the wealthy rapper to respond with an equally impressive gift for Christmas. Well, $350,000 is not really equally impressive, but it sure isn’t an ordinary gift! As money does not seem to be one of his 99 problems, Jay-Z felt free to spend a lot of time in Hermes’ boutique on Madison Avenue, picking expensive presents for his lady.

Several Birkin Bags and other stuff were bought to put a large smile on Beyonce’s face, and our guess is they did! Jay-Z got so caught up in picking the perfect presents that he even missed his lunch at Nello. But when you are a star of his caliber, even the best restaurants in the world will adapt their plans to meet your needs: Nello delivered his food at Hermes.Jay-Z spends $350K at Hermes for Beyonce's Christmas gift