How To Travel Safely During The Pandemic

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Traveling around the country is difficult even during the best of times. There are hurdles abound, like getting packed, staying on schedule, and, as experienced auto accident attorney Dan Rose Law can attest, keeping your wits about you while on the road (as the unexpected often happens when you least expect it!).

Now—as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect our country and lives—there’s even more to consider every time you want to take a trip. Read on, as this article will bring some of the biggest considerations you should have to the forefront so that you can stay prepared the next time you’re ready to head out on an adventure.

Keep COVID Off Your Back

Without a doubt, the biggest travel woe on most peoples’ minds at present is COVID-19. It’s got large swaths of the population second-guessing where they want to go, when they’re planning their travel, and has generally made a mess of everyone’s plans. It’s not something that totally has to wreck your ability to get around, however, if you’re ready to take some precautions to keep yourself safe. According to Dr. Ole Vielemeyer of Weill Cornell Medical Center, one of the best ways to keep yourself safe is by keeping your plans simple:

“Take a trip that is direct and door-to-door if possible,” he says, and “avoid a lot of different means of transfers.” Essentially, if you can go straight to your destination by car, that’s one of the safest ways to travel because you’re limiting your exposure to other people.

To accommodate this safety suggestion, you can try to plan whatever trips you want to take to be within driving distance. There are all manner of online services that can help you find fun things to do within your region of the country, so taking a quick trip to a drivable destination (that won’t require public transport) should be well within your ability to handle. To further bolster your safety on these driving-distance journeys, Dr. Vielemeyer also recommends the following:

  • Travel at off-peak times
  • Bring your own food and drinks
  • Wear a mask when interacting with others
  • Keep wipes and sanitizer with you at all times

Let’s say you do have to fly, however. What then? Airline travel comes with greater risks, as you’ll be in close quarters with a good number of other people, but there are still ways to mitigate some of the dangers. You can start by confirming that the airline you’re traveling with has procedures and precautionary measures in place to prevent COVID-19 spread.

Such measures include regulations on social distancing, enforcing the use of masks, and offering up plenty of sanitizer for you and other passengers to keep things clean. You can also take some extra precautions, by remembering to wear your own mask, limiting the frequency at which you touch things, and cleaning your hands regularly to prevent the transmission of pathogens. Regardless of how you decide to travel this year, remember that by taking precautions, you’ll be limiting the chances that you and your family are exposed to anything that will take the wind out of your sails. Stay safe, and have a great vacation!

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