How to Throw an Unforgettable Housewarming Party

First of all, congratulations on your new home! There’s nothing like having a new place to settle into and to decorate — and the best way to celebrate this occasion is with an epic housewarming party. Once you have at least some furniture, a guest list, and a host of exciting party ideas, you’re on your way to an unforgettable night! 

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with the details — but having everything in order before the day of can make things a whole lot easier. Who knew a to-do list could be a complete lifesaver? Make a list of everything you’ll need before the party, and if possible, get a few friends or roommates to help you on the days leading up to the party — or the day of if you’re a procrastinator! 

Once you have an idea of what kind of party you want to throw, and how big it will be, all you’ll have to worry about is running out of snacks and no one spilling red wine all over the new carpet. Happy planning! 

  • The Number of Guests 

This should be one of the first things you consider when planning a housewarming party — how many people can your new place accommodate? An even better question would be: how many people do you actually want there? Would you rather have an intimate party with close friends? Or an all-out rager that’s guaranteed to be one for the books. Whatever your party style, stick with what makes you comfortable. 

  • The Importance of Snacks 

No housewarming party — or any party for that matter — is complete without snacks. Having delicious snacks around is a way to bolster your reputation as a host, and a way to keep you and your guests well fed, especially if you intend on drinking. It’s also a nice move to ask your guests about any dietary restrictions before setting the menu, so everyone feels accommodated. The more snacks, the better! Finger foods are especially good if you’re planning on having a larger party. Get your kids involved and send them to Kids cooking classes, and they can help make their favorites too!

You can’t have snacks without something to drink! Make a fancy cocktail with water-soluble CBD tinctures for added relaxation and happy party guests.

And if you aren’t so handy in the kitchen, don’t worry. There’s plenty of other ways of killing the snack game. Many grocery stores have pre-packaged platters that your guests can enjoy without you having to do much but focus on presentation. If you don’t want to move at all, have something delivered through a website like

  • Decor 

Decor is an aspect that will make your party absolutely shine. Because the housewarming party is focused on the house, it would be nice to add some personal touches before guests arrive. If you haven’t acquired much furniture by the time you host your party, it’s not so big of a deal. Think about how much space your party goers have to move around! 

There are simple things you can do to make your home more homey. Add some balloons, candles, bouquets of flowers, throw pillows, or small pieces of art to give your home more aesthetic appeal sure to impress your guests. 

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