How to Look Effortlessly Stylish

Everyone has their own sense of style. However, some colour combinations and types of clothes are always in fashion. The secret is that you don’t need to hire a stylist or spend a ton of money on brand clothes to look classy and expensive.

To look polished every day, think of the details in the first place. So, wash your hair, get your nails done, take care of your skin. You might have the most expensive clothes on, but people will notice these little imperfections anyway.

Also, stop wearing obvious logos; you are not a billboard. The thing is that having too many labels can cheapen the general look. If you have a few expensive things in your closet, make sure not to wear them all together.

Analyze your fashion mistakes. Some girls don’t take into consideration their body type when they shop; others don’t try on before they buy. You might also try over accessorizing or ignore care and cleaning instructions a couple of times.

Whenever you choose plus size formal dresses or skinny jeans, try them on and think how you can match a new piece with other clothes. Don’t buy things that you don’t know how to combine.

You should take care of your clothes and put some thought into your daily outfits. Also, consider building a minimalist wardrobe. It doesn’t mean you need to throw away all your clothes, but it means you can choose at least ten favourite outfits and stick to them. It will help you to develop your personal style and look good every single day!

That’s how you can match clothes from your minimalist capsule:

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