How to Handle a Cruise Ship Injury Claim

With the ever-shifting global situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, cruise ships have once again been put in the limelight. The virology and general health risks that a long-term cruise ship can entail therefore opens up the discussion about cruise ship injury claims – and how they are best handled. 

With the global intent of facilitating the re-opening of cruise ships, awareness needs to be raised regarding the ideal legal recourse in any of the potential injuries that could occur. Some of the injuries that can occur lie below:

Types of Injuries

Covid-19 Cases

Popularized by the case of the Diamond Princess cruise ship back in February, where over 700 people, including passengers and staff, became infected with the virus, the scrutiny that cruise ships are now facing is only natural.

Virology cases are common on cruise ships because of the naturally enclosed space that the passengers and cabin crew are forced to share for weeks, or even months, at a given time. 

And when protection measures are ignored, mass-infection closely follows.

In the event that you caught Covid-19 on the cruise ship that you embarked on, you should contact a legal representative immediately. Infection prevention measures should be properly applied at all times, not only during a global pandemic. 

Slip and Fall Cases

Staff negligence in clearing the deck of hazards such as liquid spillage or underlying cables can lead to a number of serious injuries. In certain cases, where the slip and fall cause the victim to be thrown overboard, the risk of imminent death is also involved. 

Prevention measures should be maintained regularly, and failure to regulate them through consistent staff instructions and inspections leads to the cruise company being held accountable for an injury of this kind. 

Food Poisoning

While the luxurious aspect of a cruise ship might lead you to think that the food that is prepared on the ship is constantly held under strict health and safety regulations, that is not always the case. 

The sad aspect of toxicology screenings is that, usually, the victim of a food poisoning situation was put in that posture because of gross negligence on behalf of the eating establishment or catering company. 

As such, food that is not properly prepared and handled under FDA-imposed guidelines is a direct case of personal injury law in action. You are not to blame for being poisoned by a service that had promised quality and reliability when you purchased it. 

Swimming Pool Accidents

Water-related accidents do not necessarily need to occur below the deck of the ship. They can also occur on top of the deck. 

Cruise ship swimming pools hold a multitude of potential hazards. 

For one, the quality of the water itself could be significantly below the imposed health and safety guidelines of the industry. 

Skin diseases, viral illnesses, and several other health complications could be hiding below the surface, and all of that because of a complete lack of sanitation. 

Moreover, the pool’s improper positioning aboard the deck of the ship could be a health hazard in and of itself.  

Through a similar slip and fall situation, children or even grown adults could be victimized and put at a drowning risk through absolutely no fault of their own. 

Fire and Leakage Hazards

Just like continental, grounded businesses, cruise ships need to be properly and regularly inspected for any potential gas or pipe leaks, lest the consequences could be disastrous.

In the event of a sinking scenario, the lack of vital equipment such as life-vests and lifeboats, as well as the absence of clearly signaled emergency exists, can lead to an often-tragic case of mass-injury. 

Legal Action

Through this analysis, we have now established a multitude of situations where a cruise ship injury claim would be found. Now, who can provide the necessary legal help for accidents on a cruise ship? The answer is quite simple.

An empathetic and knowledgeable legal representative will make sure that the traumatic event that you were forced to endure is clearly analyzed and well-researched, with the ultimate aim to obtain the justice you rightfully deserve. 

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