How to Find the Right Caterer for Your Wedding

Your wedding day will be one of the most important and memorable days in your life, and you will want to plan a flawless event. If you are going for glamour or a simple, elegant ceremony, you and your guest will want to enjoy every moment of it. Well, a great party requires good food, incredible drinks, and excellent music; people easily remember what they ate and how it felt.

Whether you plan a full sit-down dinner, a simple buffet of comfort food, or a short cocktail party, choosing the right caterer will turn your dreams into reality. However, with many caterers to pick from, it can be daunting to know which caterer will work best for you. Here are tips you can use to find the right caterer for your business.

Determine Your Budget

Before you start actively looking for a caterer, you need first to determine your budget. Do some asking around for caterers in your area and their rates, then compare it to your budget range. When you are setting your wedding budget, catering most probably takes almost a third of it. Determine the number of guests you intend to have and the cost around serving everyone.

Discussing your budget with a caterer and the catering styles can help understand their rates and service delivery. You can also find any additional services included in their fees, such as providing table linens, table décor, table fabric runners, or menu designs, and determining how this will affect your overall budget.

Choose your Style

Picking your style will also determine the kind of caterer you choose. Your budget will help you choose the catering best for your wedding. You should find out if the list of caterers you have can provide services centered around your style, and then narrow the list down to the ones that fit your budget.

Look for good reviews

The decision and opinion of a caterer that is perfect for your wedding lie with you, but other views could also help you settle on the right choice. Online reviews can enable you to narrow down your list of caterers by reading about their past performances. The most reputable caterers will at least be on the food and wedding website. Asking food experts and other couples who have used these services for their opinions can also help you rate your catering service.

Check your venue’s recommendations

Some wedding venues have a list of potential caterers they would recommend or others that exclusively offer their services at the venue. You can check these recommendations for some inspiration, and you never know, your dream caterer might be among them.

While some venues are not open to letting outside caterers serve in their events, some are flexible and will allow you to pick your caterer out of their list. Either way, you get to make your own choice, one you are happy and comfortable with for service delivery.

Schedule Tasting Sessions

How would you know good food if you don’t taste it, right? Once you have your research, budget, and style set, plan a few tasting sessions with the top three caterers on your list. The tasting allows you to decide if the food quality, presentation, and style meet your expectations.

Some catering companies may not offer pre-wedding tasting services before you sign a contract. Where possible, ensure you agree on the deal that you can cancel if the food doesn’t live up to your expectation after tasting.

Check references before signing the contract

Most couples forget to check references to ensure you are making the right decision. Make a call or two to the list of references the caterer provides. You should also confirm the headcounts the catering service says they have served before.

Finally, before leaving, ensure that the caterer gives you a list of menu items, presentations, the number of waitstaff, and details of cost per person. Having all these in the contract is essential to help you revert in case of any inconsistencies.

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