How to Extend the Life of Cut Flowers

Flowers are common gifts for special occasions or even to cheer someone up. However, flower bouquets do not last very long and you need to know the ways you can use to extend the life of cut flowers. Whether you have received a graduation bouquet, Valentine’s Day roses, anniversary arrangement or you’ve picked a bunch of flowers for your coffee table, here are the tips you should follow to extend the life of the blossoms:

i. Cut the stems Don’t do the mistake of forgetting or failing to cut the stems of the flowers you’ve just received. You need to use garden shears to trim 1-2 inches of the flower stems. Remember, you need to cut the stems at an angle to facilitate water intake (remember they should not sit flat on the vase). It is also advisable to re-trim the stems once after a few days to ensure they last longer. Also, check out BGF for some of the best flowers out there.

ii. Prune To avoid bacterial growth, you need to remove the leaves that are below the waterline. Additionally, depending on the type of flowers you’ve bought or received, you may have to remove a few petals to prevent bacterial rot. For instance, rose flowers tend to have guard petals (usually the 2 or 3 outermost petals of the flower). It is advisable to remove these petals for your rose flower to open up and look better. After you’ve pruned, you should check the flowers daily to remove any loose petals or leaves to prevent bacterial growth. Remember, since the flower is not growing, water might facilitate bacterial growth when it comes into contact with wilting leaves or loose petals. Be cautious.

iii. Water wisely Your flowers will not last long if you don’t keep them hydrated. However, you should do this wisely because you may end up predisposing your bouquet to rot or reducing its lifespan especially after cutting the stem. Therefore, ensure the vase is clean before filling it with water (preferably water at room temperature). You should then add a packet of flower food to nourish the flowers. Remember, the flower food should be mixed thoroughly and it should not be too concentrated or diluted. If you don’t know much about flower food, inquire while buying, read the packet for instructions or search relevant information online to avoid making a mistake.

iv. Avoid direct sunlight In a room that has cool temperatures, your bouquet will last longer unlike when you expose them to direct sunlight, drafts or heat. Therefore, avoid placing the flower vase near appliances that generate heat or in areas where they can be exposed to direct sunlight. Some of the areas you should not place your flower vase are ceiling fans, cooling vents, open windows or near fruits

because they make the flowers dehydrate quickly. If you have a basket of fruits or you keep fruits on your coffee table, you should not place the vase on the table or near ripening fruits! Ripening fruits release a considerable amount of ethylene gas which reduces the longevity of your bouquet.

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