How to Dress Well – Rules All Men Should Learn

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Fashion is not what you see on the ramp every season, but your personal style statement. And even if that gives you great liberty to choose how and what you wish to wear; there are, nevertheless some dressing rules that help you put together smart ensembles that are perfect for every occasion.

Today, men’s dressing has evolved manifold. There are different clothes, shoes, and accessories for every occasion, place, and time. With so much choice, it may be a bit confusing to pick the right things and match them with others.

It is true that a certain look or style may not work for everyone equally, and you must wear what suits you best. But these dressing tips have been around for decades; which means that they work. If you are unsure of a new style, it is safe to fall back on the classics. You can never go wrong with them. So, take a look at some dressing rules that men should know and stick to, as far as possible.

  • Pay attention to the fit

The key to looking good and put together is wearing clothes that are meant to fit the wearer perfectly. Clothing that is large or too tight, will not only make you feel uncomfortable but also give you an unkempt look. This will totally spoil the charm of any clothing you wear, especially a suit. 

  • Get the perfect suit

Tailored suits are preferred over ready-made sizes which may not fit well. The classic, dark, two-button, single breasted suit, available from Burberry, or other brands, is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Suits work for almost every formal occasion.

  • Invest in good accessories

Apart from clothes, your accessories tend to draw a lot of attention. Keep them to a minimum but invest in statement pieces, like watches. Watches show your personal style. You can go for a formal or sporty watch depending on your look and need. 

  • Get the right jeans

A one style fits all policy cannot work for denim. These are really personal pieces and you must check what shape and style suits you the most. The ‘slim-tapered’ style is popular, as it is comfortable and can be paired with smart shoes or sneakers.

  • Experiment with color

Men’s clothing is no longer restricted to grey, black, brown and navy. Try and spruce up your wardrobe with some solid colors that will give brightness to your look and still be elegant. For example, Burberry clothing for men, has a wide variety of colors and designs to choose from.

  • Invest in shoes

Just like accessories, shoes are an important purchase. Choose the right styles, a good fit and durable pairs that will complete your ensemble and last long.

  • Follow dress codes

An important part of good dressing includes knowing what to wear where and dressing for the occasion. So, follow dress codes to avoid being over or under dressed. It also shows respect for the person, place, and event you attend.

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