How to Choose the Perfect Challenge Coin Display Case

Are your challenge coins getting lost in the shuffle of your coin collection?

Help them stand out with an impressive challenge coin display case!

Whether you’re classy or casual, there are plenty of display cases to consider. You could even customize your own case to fit your specific needs.

Are you ready to wow fellow coin collectors with your challenge coin collection?

Check out these ideas for the best coin display cases.

Cool and Classy Coin Cases

Do you take your challenge coins on the road? Many coin collectors attend conferences and sales, but traveling with coins can be a challenge.

Stuffing challenge coins into your bag could damage your coins’ surfaces. Instead, try a sturdy coin case with handles and drawers. These cases come in aluminium, chrome, and classic leather briefcase-style.

These challenge coin display cases are ideal for vendors who sell coins at conferences and sales. You could buy cases with multiple drawers. These cases can comfortably hold hundreds of coins.

Display set up is easy. Simply open your case and pull out the drawers for a complete challenge coin display wherever you are.

A Wall of Challenge Coins

Do you like to showcase awards, trophies, and valuable memorabilia on your wall? Your own interior walls are perfect for displaying challenge coins.

Stop before you superglue your coins to the wall! Instead, try mounted challenge coin display cases. These cases typically come with wooden frames, felted backing, and protective plexiglass surfaces.

The challenge is to prevent your mounted cases from falling off the wall. Mounted display cases typically come with special fittings, but simple carpentry nails also work. You could even install a small shelf underneath your display cases for good measure.

Quick and Easy Coin Binders

Binders aren’t just for school. Binders are one of the easiest solutions for challenge coin collectors.

Challenge coin binders look like most classic binders, except they’re made from sturdy materials. Each binder comes with several plastic sheets with small coin pockets. Challenge coins fit securely into each pocket to prevent scratching and loss.

These cases are also ideal for coin collection conferences, but you should still carry them in a bag for safekeeping. The plastic sheets could fall out during an accident; older sheets are more likely to break, as well.

Simple Slabs

Tabletop display slabs look great at coin collector conferences and antique shops. These look similar to mounted display cases. These cases often come with wooden frames, black felt matting, and protective plexi or fiberglass casings.

The only problem with these cases is travel. Slab cases take up more room in a suitcase, and they don’t hold nearly as much as coin binders and aluminum cases. These cases are ideal if you’re traveling with a few highly valuable coins.

If you’re traveling with over a hundred coins, use a binder or multi-drawer case instead. Make sure to review your choices first before settling on a challenge coin display case.

Discover the Right Challenge Coin Display Case

Your growing challenge coin collection deserves a high-quality display case. Remember these tips as you select the perfect challenge coin display case.

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