How Take Luxury Vacations On A Budget

If you have spent the last few years taking a weekend trip to the beach or a short hiking trip in the local wilderness, you are long overdue for a luxury vacation. Perhaps you have considered traveling overseas to an exotic location but your bank account brought a reality check. Maybe you can save the funds but aren’t really sure of what the whole trip would cost. While having financial resources at your disposal makes it easier to travel abroad or take the trip of a lifetime, you can still make it happen if your funds are limited. There are several tips to help you enjoy a high-end vacation on a budget.

1. Choose a reasonable destination.

Think of your interests and passions and choose a destination accordingly. If you aren’t a fan of hiking and rugged terrain, you don’t want to spend your time in a place like Australia. Not that it isn’t beautiful, but if you are looking for more of a beach retreat and exotic food, somewhere south of the border in South America might be an option. There are several up-and-coming travel destinations that might suit your desire for a luxury vacation. For example, Australia’s seasons are opposite to ours, so you can go for a winter mountain holiday in summer at a location such as Lantern Apartments in Thredbo.

Depending on what location you select, you will find your money might actually stretch further than you think.  Rather than using an airport currency center in the country of your choosing, you can use an online money processing service like Sharemoney to find out the local rate and convert your cash before you even leave the country. You can use an online exchange site to get the best exchange rate for countries like Colombia or Brazil where vacationers are finding luxury with their accommodation, their dining, and the view.

2. Plan Ahead.

The further out you can plan your vacation, the better the fare you will get on airfare and accommodations. Where you stay is what contributes to the success of your vacation. When in a foreign country, you need the peace of mind that a clean, secure, and amenity-boasting hotel will bring. Staying during the week or during the off-season from typical travel patterns can also help save money on where you stay.

3. Take the Last Tour.

Sometimes, it pays to procrastinate. You can find last minute deals for museums or attraction when you go in the latter part of the day or on savings websites like Groupon. Some tour companies will slash their rates on a tour that still has open seats. Always call and ask for specials before simply booking with an online rate. You would be surprised how much you can save. Reduced attraction prices can stretch your funds but still allow you to see everything on your location`s bucket list.

4. Eat around the clock.

You can save some money by refusing to follow a strict routine for all your meals. High-end restaurants are still possible on a budget, but consider eating before the dinner hour arrives. Lunch specials will have the same tasty goodness but often with a cheaper rate. You can also get a luxury experience by going after dinner for just a cappuccino and dessert.

 5. Research transportation rates.

 If you are comfortable being your own tour guide, it is cheaper to rent a car than to hire a taxi or private limo service. There are several luxury rental services that are known for their competitive rates where you can travel in style but without hurting the budget.

If you have your sights set on a luxury vacation overseas, your budget doesn`t need to cramp your style. With careful planning and some forethought, you can make the most of your funds and have the vacation of a lifetime.

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