5 Helpful Tips for Giving a Vehicle as a Graduation Present

5 Helpful Tips for Giving a Vehicle as a Graduation Present

Giving a vehicle as a graduation present can be such a meaningful gesture. More than that, it can make a huge impact on someone’s daily routine, and the gift will be very much appreciated for years to come. Before going through with your purchase, you’ll want to do your homework and prepare a few things in advance. Here are five tips to keep in mind.

1. Get the Right Kind of Vehicle

It could be an intriguing idea to purchase something compact and sporty if the graduate would love that. However, will a compact car have enough space for the special person in five years or so? If the graduate might need more interior room in the coming years, consider investing in a four-door sedan, a hatchback, or an SUV instead of a two-door model. Likewise, you might be tempted to get an electric vehicle, but will this be a practical choice? You have to consider anticipated needs and preferences.

2. Take Care of Paperwork

Remember that buying a vehicle takes some time and a lot of paperwork. You’ll have to sign many documents when completing your transaction. In addition, you’ll have to take care of registration and insurance, too. Some dealerships may be able to help you with this, streamlining the process. Whatever your exact situation may be, your special someone will probably appreciate it if you handle this task on their behalf.

3. Stick to a Budget

Think about how much money you’re prepared to spend on a vehicle. Will you be financing or leasing? The answer to this will affect your budgeting as well. Since the graduate will be just starting off in the next phase, you shouldn’t feel pressured to purchase something you can’t afford. You could even get a used model if you’d like to stretch your dollar.

4. Add a Personal Touch

You have the opportunity to personalize your gift by adding various accessories. Even something as simple as a license plate frame or a car decal can make an impact. If you don’t mind spending a little more money, you could get a cargo organizer or roof racks. If the graduate loves cycling or skiing, for example, you could set up a vehicle with accessories that can help transport specialized gear. If you have enough time, you might be able to custom order a vehicle for the graduate. This way, you’ll be able to choose a specific color or get certain features, like navigation, a premium sound system, or heated front seats, that you know will be appreciated.

5. Think About Maintenance

Vehicles require maintenance to work properly. Some young graduates might still be learning about this, so consider helping out with maintenance, if you can. Consider purchasing gift cards for oil changes or tire rotations, and try to set up a reminder system so that the graduate will know when to take the vehicle in for service. Keep in mind that new vehicles and certified pre-owned vehicles come with limited warranties that can cover certain costs. So, do remember that.