How Healthcare is Beating Covid-19

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A new term has emerged thanks to the global pandemic we are all having to endure, namely, ‘telehealth care’, which empowers medical professionals to provide essential diagnosis and treatment via the Internet. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is technology that enables audio and video transmission over the Internet, with applications such as Zoom and Skype that people use to have video consultations with remotely located health professionals.

Online Physio Treatment

If you happen to be looking for a physio in Leichhardt, or anywhere else in Australia, there are physios that offer online consultations, whether you are recovering from a sports injury or simply want an exercise routine to improve your physical fitness levels. Using a video call, the physio is able to accurately diagnose any issues you may have, then they can show you the optimum exercises and plan a regime for you to carry out at home. Setting up the right exercise program makes all the difference and a qualified physio can certainly do that, while also instructing you on how to carry out the routine correctly.

General Practitioner

Your local GP probably offers their patients virtual consultations, which is a safe alternative during the pandemic and doctors in Australia and around the world are now embracing virtual solutions. In the majority of cases, a virtual consultation is all it takes for the doctor to make an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the right treatment. In the event the doctor cannot carry out a diagnosis, they would request that you make an appointment to visit the surgery, where the medical professional can carry out a physical examination. Here are a few health tips for dealing with the lockdown.

Mental Health Counselling

The pandemic has forced many people into lockdown, while thousands, if not millions of people are currently out of work and this means that mental health issues arise. Fortunately, there are charitable organisations that offer virtual mental health counselling and a Google search will help you locate such an organisation. Click here for advice on how to find a therapist, which also outlines what therapy involves. According to statistics, suicide rates are increasing, as more and more people face hardship brought on by the pandemic and if you are feeling stressed, why not spend some time talking with a qualified mental health counsellor?

The Internet of Things (IoT)

Powered by thousands of low-orbit 5G satellites, the IoT will give us a new dimension of digital communication, as every single digital device will be wirelessly connected. This will improve the current telehealth care sector and with AI, medical diagnosis will be error-free, heralding a new era in healthcare.

Digital solutions enable medical professionals to deliver their services in a virtual environment and in a varied number of ways. Even fitness gyms are now offering virtual sessions, as are yoga studios, where you can enrol in a group class and connect with your instructor via a Zoom call.

If you are recovering from a physical injury, search with Google for a physio that offers virtual consultations and this will ensure a rapid recovery.

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