Health & Beauty Tips During the Pandemic

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We are all finding it difficult to maintain stability in our lives during the current Covid19 pandemic, which has hit Australia quite hard and some people are affected more than others. If you are under lockdown, that makes it even harder to stay fit and healthy, and with that in mind, here are a few health and beauty tips to help you stay fit and healthy until the pandemic is officially over.

  • A Balanced Diet – If you are spending most of your time at home, this is even more of a reason to make sure your diet is a balanced one and there are small organic farms all across Australia that sell their fresh produce online and a weekly order will ensure there’s always fresh fruit in the fridge.
  • Vitamin & Mineral Daily Supplement – These are ideal for those over 50, or people that don’t eat enough fresh produce and a tablet a day will ensure that you get the essential A-Z nutrients your body needs. If you are feeling down, book a session at which will improve your appearance by removing those wrinkles around the eyes.
  • Daily Exercise – Of course, this should be proportionate to your age and current health status and there are many fitness studios that offer virtual classes, using the Zoom application. You also get to interact with your instructor and the others in the class and we all need to have some form of social contact, even when staying at home. A short morning and evening session is all you need and working out to a YouTube video is a great way to stay in shape. Click here for information on yoga and the many benefits that come from practicing this ancient art from the east.
  • The Importance of Vitamin D – As it is summer in Australia, you should get some sunshine, at least a few minutes every day, as this boosts your Vitamin D levels and that helps keep the immune system strong. Even if you only sit in the early morning sun and drink your first coffee, the exposure to the sun’s rays will help your body with Vitamin D levels.
  • Avoid Excessive Eating or Drinking – Everyone has their own way of dealing with the lockdown, but try to avoid overeating or drinking more than you should. This is more likely to be an issue if you live alone and it is oh so easy to drink to ease the stress, but that causes further problems.
  • Consider Meditation – Many Australians practice daily meditation, which has a calming effect and there are many ways that one can meditate, which is the process of spending time with oneself. There are a lot of free resources online with useful information on various ways people meditate and you have nothing to lose and much to gain by exploring meditation.

While you should stay abreast of the current Covid-19 status where you live, try not to watch the news too much, as this is very negative content and focus on the fact that things will soon return to normal as we approach 2021.

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