House of Sillage’s Passion De L’Amour Fragrance

The brand new Passion De L’Amour fragrance by House of Sillage is a premium product that is a part of the company’s signature Privée Collection. Just like the previous seven fragrances signed by the American brand, this one comes in a beautiful cupcake packaging that features superb jewels as well as other lavish decorations.

House of Sillage's Passion De L’Amour Fragrance (2)

The fragrance was created by perfumer Mark Buxton, and its bottle boasts a tropical gecko adornment that’s covered with rare Columbian emeralds. At the gecko’s center, there is a hidden nest of sorts created using marquis diamonds. The cap of the flacon flaunts 18K gold plating as well as platinum set vines that run across its surface. The vines are decorated with 300 gorgeous diamonds, which are complemented by a handcrafted pink emerald that adds a final touch of luxury and elegance.

As for the formula itself, it includes notes of Bergamot orange, vanilla, caramel, saffron, agarwood, lily of the valley, patchouli, tobacco and raspberry.

House of Sillage's Passion De L’Amour Fragrance (1)

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