Holy Family Shrine in Gretna, Nebraska

This remarkable structure is a Holy Family Shrine designed by BCDM Architects in Gretna, Nebraska. Built in a natural prairie setting, off Interstate 80, this place is a lovely spiritual refuge, ideal for  “travelers to pray and discover the Catholic faith”. Two years’ effort of searching for the perfect site finally paid off when the architects found this lot overlooking the Platte River Valley near Gretna.

Built far away from the busy and stressful life of the city, the chapel ensures a perfectly calm atmosphere, without outside distractions. Upon entering the site, visitors are drawn inside a tomb-like room with an opening in the roof for natural illumination. Here, a central pool of water, set under a water-dripping metal sculpture, symbolizes the presence of the Holy Spirit. This place also holds an information area, a conference room and a gathering room.

From here, visitors can reach the spectacular chapel, featuring wood and steel arching members that give it a height of 45 feet. Water from the entry room flows all the way to the chapel, symbolizing the continuous presence of Christ, every step of the way. Stunningly beautiful indeed.

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