Here Are Some Of The World’s Most Ultra-Luxurious, Private Jet Holidays

If you’re lucky enough to go on a luxurious holiday by private jet, here are some suggestions to help you make the most of your time; so unusual ideas that you may not have considered possible. Sit back and relax while I take you on a journey of a lifetime.

Air Cruising 

To the uninitiated cruising is a sea-fairing pastime, but recently cruising on a private jet tour has become de rigueur. Take in a 25-day wildlife safari tour which promises to show you nature at its best, the highlights have to be the awe-inspiring creatures such as whales, or rare animals like Bengal tigers, and Indian elephants all at home in their own natural environment.

Differences between a regular cruise and a jet cruise are obvious. With passengers limited to 50-80 depending on the aircraft and the crew to guest ratio at 1:6, attention to detail is everything. The onboard concierge will make your trip memorable, and the bespoke nature of this type of cruise means you can simply have what your heart desires and your bank balance can afford.

Island Hopping 

The dream of island hopping ranks highly in the bucket list of most travellers, but only the most discerning can access the remote islets and archipelagos of the Galapagos. Once almost impossible to access, the Galapagos is home of the giant tortoise, amongst other unusual inhabitants. The only access to some of the islands is possible only by private jet and then boat.

There are 18 main islands and all are subject to volcanic eruptions. Some of the older islands have disappeared under the sea, and others are being newly formed even as we speak; making a visit to the Galapagos an experience that literally can’t be repeated. There’s even an island called Nameless Island used mostly by scuba divers. The residents of neighbouring islands feel reluctant to name it as the sea may take it at any time.

Accessing the Inaccessible

Believe it or not, there are more inaccessible places to explore than the Galapagos if you have a stomach for danger and an appetite for adventure. Consider Australia’s most remote outpost: Kure Island – the most northerly coral atoll. This island is a bird lovers paradise with only a basic runway on which to land, this Pacific island has only had 10 visitors in the two years. If not Kure Island why not try Annobon, Equatorial Guinea?

This remote island, situated off the coast of Africa, has a tiny population of 5,000 people, amazing lush scenery and an abundance of wildlife. It is popular with scuba divers, totally off the beaten track; saying that, it does have an airport. So it probably won’t stay that way for much longer.

Had enough of the hot weather? If it’s polar bears and snow you’re after, consider Nenetsia, Russia. Above the Arctic Circle, so far north that in 2018 only 40 tourists made it that far to see the spectacular Northern lights. 

Close to Nenetsia is the huge island, Novaya Zemlya apparently the last major landmass to be explored – neither are for the faint-hearted but if the thrill of being the first is your thing, be my guest and don’t forget to send me a postcard.

Luxury Closer to Home

The joy of bespoke travel means you can visit unusual places and move on quickly and safely. Consider the following European destinations for something quirky and less well-trodden while remaining luxurious to the discerning traveller.

Catania, Sicily in late summer to early Autumn is a good choice if you love history and architecture, culture and cuisine without the crowds. This university town overlooking the sea is perfect. Staying in Italy, visit Bari, situated on the Adriatic coast. Bari has a beautiful old town with a working harbour and amazing beaches nearby – the food is what will keep Bari a tick on your culinary bucket list. 

It’s hard to drag yourself away from Italy, but consider a stay at a chateau in France, particularly in Aquitaine. Aquitaine, home to Bordeaux and Biarritz has, some would say, the best collection of the luxury chateaux available to rent right now. For a typical French experience fly into Bordeaux between November and March, and take in a wine tasting tour with a long lunch which will include regional dishes that include the famous black truffles.

Whatever you decide to do, private jet holidays are always relaxing, starting the minute you enter the private terminal. For those looking to travel safely, in style and comfort, a private charter jet is always the way forward for the discerning traveller. 

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