Henry Ford Pocket Watch By Shinola

Honoring one of the most iconic figures in automotive history and the founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford, a company named Shinola decided to release a magnificent timepiece called the Henry Ford Pocket Watch. This limited edition masterpiece is a part of the brand’s Great Americans Series, and it features a stainless steel construction as well as an engraving of Henry Ford’s own signature.

Each watch comes with its own individual number on its caseback for a touch of originality. The product is also accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, and it allows its buyer to enter Shinola’s own private club named The Foundry. The case measures 49mm, the dial is black and the printing is cream. Being a pocket watch, it boasts a metal chain as well as a leather fob, and those who will purchase it will also receive a leather pouch, a wooden stand, a custom gift box and a leather-bound coffee table collector’s book.

The Henry Ford Pocket watch by Shinola costs $1,000, which is quite cheap considering its exclusivity.








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