Getting a New Vehicle Home During the Christmas Period – Safe Driving Tips

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Many people decide to treat themselves to a new pickup or car over the Christmas period. They’ve been thinking about a new vehicle for a long time and Christmas is the perfect excuse to splash out on the latest model. Once you have chosen your automobile and everything is ready to go, the next step is to get it home safe without any incidents. The holiday season is a busy period and traffic coupled with bad weather make it dangerous on the roads.

Get Comfort with the Vehicle

Prepare to take your new motor off the lot. We sometimes get excited about driving a new vehicle and rush out onto the road. If you’ve just bought a Land Rover Defender from Nene Overland  and you’ve never driven this model of vehicle before, drive it around the parking lot or take it to a quiet area before you hit the busy public roads. You should be in full control of the vehicle and feel comfortable with each system. Ask the sales rep to show you where everything is and play around with all of these things before you drive into heavy traffic.

  • Gears
  • Lights
  • Brakes & Handling
  • Seat Adjuster
  • Window Wipers

If it starts to rain or you need your fog lights on, make sure you are familiar with the buttons and dials.

Focus on the Task at Hand

If you’re pulling away in a new Ford Ranger or Jeep Wrangler, you’ll be happy to know that neither of these vehicles is considered to be a dangerous car to have on the road. Just because you’ve sat behind the wheel of a stylish new motor doesn’t mean you should start fidgeting with all its accessories and tech. Don’t let anything distract you on the drive home, especially not phones, passengers, air conditioning, or entertainment systems. Concentrate on what you are doing to ensure you get home safely.

Expect Other Drivers to Make Mistakes

It is important to drive defensively. You just never know what other drivers are going to do on the road. Don’t think they’ll do the right thing, always expected the unexpected and drive cautiously, it could save your life. You should never trust anyone else on the road but yourself. There are lots of bad drivers on the road, so don’t assume they have the same awareness as you do.

Avoid Peak Travel Times

So, you’ve invested in a new vehicle and its time to take it home. During the Christmas period, you should do your best to avoid peak hours – times when people commute to and from work & busy shopping periods. Collect your new vehicle when it is quiet on the roads.

The last thing you need to happen when bringing your new vehicle home is to be involved in an accident. To ensure you get home safely and nothing happens to you or your new motor, follow the tips mentioned above. Get familiar with the vehicle, take your time, be cautious, and avoid peak times.

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