Get the Perfect Accessories: The Best Jewelry Designers of 2020

Jewelry makes an outfit feel complete. No matter your personal style, the jewelry you choose can make or break your look. So it’s important to source your jewelry from the right places.

To really get that wow effect, your jewelry should be unique and rare, nothing like anyone else has. The best way to do that is to source your jewelry from independent designers.

Not only do you get to support a small business, but you also get jewelry pieces that are beautiful and have an exclusive feel. These are the best jewelry designers to get your accessories from.

De Cosmi

If you like an artsy style inspired by nature imagery like fruit and flowers, you have to check out this collection. Founded by New York City-based photographer Catherine Servel, De Cosmi pieces mix an organic look with luxury materials.

Gemstone jewelry has found a place in popular trends in recent years. So De Cosmi’s designs offer their unique twist on the beauty of iridescent stones, vivid gems, and textured gold.

Go bold and bright with these jewelry pieces. The earthy and upcycled style is ideal for the wild at heart.

Charlie Dolly

Proving the age-old wisdom that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, Charlie Dolly offers a uniquely modern twist on the classic diamond jewelry. Former model, Rebecca Romijn, has proven herself to be one of the most creative new jewelry designers for this year.

The delicate jewelry of Charlie Dolly is meant for a lived-in lifestyle. All the pieces go together, so they’re perfect for layering, a trend that’s in-style for the new year. The delicate jewelry and unique technique make the diamonds look like they’re floating.

Want to be a diamond connoisseur before purchasing? Read more info here to get the basics of diamond education.

Sapir Bachar

For a jewelry label that’s just a year old, Sapir Bachar has made a name for herself in the jewelry world. The New York City-based new designer describes her line as effortless and bold. She takes inspiration from cultures and eras for her unique pieces.

You can see the influence of her textile designer days with inspiration from draped fabrics. Combined with abstract shapes of links and loops and utilizing metals to emphasize the unique shapes. 

Peppered in these pieces are unique stones that offer a beautiful contrast. The mix of organic abstract shapes and stones is perfect for the new year’s style.

The Best Jewelry Designers to Keep You Stylish

Sometimes the best jewelry designers have small shops. Just because it’s not a big name doesn’t mean they can’t offer you some stylish designs. These jewelry designers will provide you with unique pieces to add to your collection.

Now that you know this year’s up-coming-designers, you can start the new year off right. You’re sure to get compliments any time you wear these pieces.

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