Get Cozy: 5 Reasons Every Luxury Home Needs An Electric Fireplace

What makes a luxury home so cozy? While trends are constantly changing, some home upgrades go an especially long way towards creating a welcoming environment. Installing heated bathroom flooring, for example, can be a comforting touch on a chilly evening, and reclaimed wood is visually more comforting than new bamboo or porcelain tile. With so many options available to you, though, if you’re not sure where to start, one of the best luxury home upgrades you can make is to install an electric fireplace.

Fireplaces – A Timeless Touch

Fireplaces may have once been primarily practical, but today they’re increasingly popular status symbols, appearing throughout the home and even outdoors. Larger homes may even have five or six fireplaces! That’s not the only change we’ve seen to home fireplaces, though. Because conventional fireplaces demand a lot of maintenance, a growing number of homeowners have taken this timeless feature and updated it, fueling a shift toward electric fireplaces instead of wood-fueled ones.

A Stylish Alternative

In addition to minimizing maintenance, electric fireplaces have grown in popularity among luxury homeowners because they come in a variety of attractive styles. While many look like traditional fireplaces, featuring faux logs, other electric fireplaces include glittering fire glass, and many are wall-mounted for visual interest, rather than sitting at floor level. What’s more, since they aren’t reliant on a traditional chimney ventilation, they can be placed anywhere in the home.

Safer Than The Standard

Fireplaces may be popular, but there are many homeowners who feel anxious about placing a conventional fireplace in their home just because of the safety concerns. These risks can be mitigated by learning safe fire building practices, but electric fireplaces are also a safer alternative since many don’t feature real flames. Instead, some mimic the appearance of flame, but primarily they use infrared or internally heated air to warm the space.

Cozy And Convenient

One of the most important shifts in luxury home design in recent years is the move toward smart home wiring. While in the average home this might be restricted just to thermostats and lights, in luxury homes this connectivity often includes a wide range of appliances like stoves, refrigerators, and washing machines. Even blenders can be hooked into the smart home ecosystem — so why not electric fireplaces? With the right wiring, an electric fireplace can be remotely operated so that it’s on and warming up your home when you arrive.

Suitable For Any Home

Luxury comes in all shapes and sizes, from sprawling mansions to small, high-end apartments, and electric fireplaces can be set to suit homes of any size. That’s because, from a warming perspective, electric fireplaces are more like space heaters than traditional fireplaces, which can quickly over-warm a space. With an electric fireplace, you often have the option to enjoy the beauty of a crackling fire without the heat of one.

If you’re considering some home upgrades, it’s not worth doing major construction to install a conventional fireplace. Instead, opt for the simple installation of an electric fireplace, carefully styled to suit your home. You’ll get to enjoy all the comfort of a fireplace with none of the hassle.

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