11 Upgrades to Give Your Home a Luxury Vibe

Maybe you’re looking to sell your house, and you want to increase property value. Perhaps you’re hoping to improve your home equity. Maybe, you just love the luxe look, and you want your home to match your aesthetic preferences, either way, getting a luxury vibe in your home can be a challenging task. 

The thing with luxury design motifs is that the line between tacky and luxurious can run thin. If you go too ornate and gaudy, you risk cheapening your home’s appearance rather than adding value. Things like chandeliers, or additional walk-in closets, gold-accenting every fixture in the house, and choosing hard-to-maintain natural stone are all examples of luxury design going too far and decreasing the value of the home. 

So, what upgrades are worth their weight in value? Which upgrades will give your home a luxurious vibe? Here are eleven upgrades to show off your luxe aesthetic throughout your entire home. 

Upgrade #1: Install Heated Bathroom Flooring

If you live in a warmer climate, this upgrade might not make much sense, but in colder climates, nothing says luxury quite like heated bathroom floors. 

Upgrade #2: Upgrade All Your Countertops 

Countertops in the bathroom and kitchen are some of the biggest indicators of home value. While you might be tempted to upgrade to marble or granite, those materials don’t fare well and are difficult to maintain. Instead, opt for quartz, which has the look and feel of natural stone luxury without the maintenance headaches. 

Upgrade #3: Add Bars 

Add a bar inside or outside. If you really want to nail luxury, add one in both areas. Bars, especially if they stay stocked, show your guests that you ooze extravagance. It also ensures that your house stays top pick for all the most important parties. 

Upgrade #4: Install Smart Systems 

Upgrade to a smart security system and heating and cooling system. They have smart systems that you can control via smartphones. Not only do they add a level of convenience, comfort, and safety to your home, but they show all your friends that you’re doing really well. 

Upgrade #5: Invest in a Mother-In-Law Suite

Even if you love your in-laws, having a separate, smaller house or detached suite for guests to stay at while they visit is a must-have for every luxury home. Statistics show that these additions pay off in property value as well. Just be sure to check building codes before adding a mother-in-law-suite. 

Upgrade #6: Add a Wine Cellar or Room

Wine cellars and wine rooms are the new must-have for wealthy homeowners. Whether you’re a sommelier, a wine enthusiast, or you just like the feeling of luxury, adding a wine room or cellar puts you right on trend for the luxury upgrade trend of this year. 

Upgrade #7: Upgrade the Flooring 

Flooring upgrades aren’t the flashiest upgrades to make, but they can significantly improve the luxe vibe of your home. Reclaimed wood and natural stone flooring both scream luxury. When choosing a floor type, be sure to select a material that you can realistically maintain. Most luxury floor materials are high maintenance, so ensure you know what you’re getting before you go all in. 

Upgrade #8: Add a Four-Car Garage 

A two-car garage is a middle income, suburban staple, but a four-car garage is reserved for high-end homeowners. If you want your curb appeal to exude luxury and wealth, add a four-car garage. 

Upgrade #9: Install a Pool, Hot tub, or Sauna 

Adding a pool, hot tub, and sauna are all ways to show you’re all about that luxurious life. They won’t add much to your property value, but they do a lot for increasing the luxe vibes. 

Upgrade #10: Add a Library or Theater 

No luxury home is complete without either a library or a home theater. If you can afford to do both, you definitely can. However, most people are either book people or movie people, so go with whichever speaks to your interests. 

Upgrade #11 Focus on Entertainment and Athletics 

If the home theater or library isn’t enough, add a sports court, bowling alley, arcade, or personal gym in your home. These are all luxury additions, limited to those homeowners who have the space. 

Luxury Upgrades: Get Started on Your Dream Home

All of the above upgrades are fantastic, surefire ways to achieve a luxe vibe in your home. However, remember that you’re only as good as your contractors and materials. Be sure to check on building codes, city ordinances, and plan these upgrades accordingly. 

You’ll want to prepare your neighbors for any lengthy remodeling projects, and you’ll probably want to look into renting a dumpster service for your home project. Having extra dumpsters ensures you aren’t overflowing with excess materials and garbage during the transitional phase. It also protects you from pesky HOA complaints and city fines. Plus, it makes the whole thing easier for you and your contractors. 

In the end, these are just a few luxury design ideas to get you started. Pick upgrades that make sense for you and your home. If you’re hoping to increase property value, lean more for practicality. If you’re hoping to enhance your home, go all the way with the awe-inspiring and unique upgrades. Luxury is all about comfort and extravagance, so achieving that luxurious vibe is about actualizing the perfect balance of both. 

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