Five Unexplored places to visit on your Mediterranean yacht charter

The magic of cruising the Mediterranean is a big draw during the summer, however, there are many hidden hotspots only reachable from the water that may be previously unknown. Providing an idyllic yachting haven for enthusiastic travelers, these destinations can ideally be explored on a crewed yacht charter. Finding relatively unexplored places can deliver a frisson of adventure during a Mediterranean yacht charter, giving access to a number of hidden spots never previously on a bucket list!

Corsica – the Lavezzi Islands

Nestling between Corsica and Sardinia, festooned in impossibly azure waters, the rugged Lavezzi Islands are a dream yachting destination, often dubbed the “Seychelles of the Mediterranean”. This striking archipelago plays host to a range of rare flora and fauna, incredible granite rock formations, and sparkling beaches that are more often than not deserted. Travelers are only permitted to visit Lavezzi, Cavallo, and Piano, with beautiful Cavallo the lone inhabited isle. Others outwardly retain the feel of unexplored places in pristine, untouched condition, with the majority under protection to preserve their status. However, when journeying by yacht, it is easy to cruise nearby and soak up their natural beauty from the water.

Croatia – The Blue Grotto, Biševo Island

A number of fascinating sea caves are found scattered across the coastlines of Greece and Croatia with many renowned for their amazing light show displays. One such natural wonder is the Blue Grotto found on the island of Biševo in Croatia, only accessed by boat and perfect when enjoying a Mediterranean yacht charter. Visitors can experience 50 shades of blue as the sun’s rays strike the cave at specific angles and the light cascades in a mesmerizing fashion around the grotto. Most often this is near to midday for the very best effect. An unexplored place until 1880, the entrance to the cave has been augmented so that small boats can transport adventurers inside and it has become a veritable diver and snorkelers’ paradise.

Sardinia – Cala Luna

Named after a crescent moon due to its shape, the bay of Cala Luna is adorned with stunning rock formations and caves. Located on the eastern coast of Sardinia, it evokes a truly exclusive sensation thanks to bright turquoise waters and sparkling gold sands. A difficult hike from the mainland allows access to the bay, however arriving by yacht provides a seamless journey, not to mention the truly magical perspective when approached on the water. Popular for diving and snorkeling with visitors and locals alike, Cala Luna is a heavenly slice of paradise offering nothing but beauty. On a Mediterranean yacht charter this is a great place to drop anchor and soak up the views or take the tender ashore to explore the velvet swathes a little further. 

Mallorca – Sa Dragonera Nature Reserve

Befitting its name, Sa Dragonera is a dragon-shaped island and a must-see during a Mediterranean yacht charter in the Balearics. A special permit is required to be able to moor up at the nature reserve and guided tours are available. With a range of diving areas and remote hiking trails, this natural wilderness comes complete with explorer status. Exceptional views from the small Far Vell lighthouse are breathtaking, while the scenery and wildlife are just as impactful with an array of visiting seabirds to see. Made up of three islets, they are home to 361 different plant species, 18 of which are endemic to the Balearics. Look out for the fascinating wall lizard population plus a particular species of snail – both cannot be found anywhere else in the world. Giving a real sense that this is an unexplored place, if you are looking for adventure, Sa Dragonera should top the list during a yacht charter itinerary.

Skiathos, Greece – Lalaria Beach 

Traveling the Greek islands by yacht is simply the best way to take in some extraordinary landscapes and culture, and Skiathos is no exception. Picture-perfect panoramic views, crystalline waters and an undulating coastline make this island pretty special. Peppered with numerous secluded bays strewn with white pebble beaches and chalky cliffs, the welcome in Skiathos is always warm. However, the beach of Lalaria is one exceptional location that must not be missed and is accessed from the water. Boasting a mystical rock gate spanning from the sand to the sea, it is said to hold healing powers and eternal youth. When exploring on a Mediterranean yacht charter, also take the opportunity to visit the nearby sea caves that turn a golden hue at sunset. 

Encountering unexplored places is easy by yacht and the Mediterranean hosts no end of exciting discoveries. With an air of adventure and an explorer’s mindset, there are hidden treasures waiting to be found!