Find Yourself Making A Powerful Statement with these Hot Fashion Trends

With fall finally here, it is time for the latest seasonal fashion trends to make their presence known. Fall is always a great time for fashion items that are functional while making a statement at the same time. Those who want to be sure that they are keeping up with the hottest trends of the season should check out these suggestions. These are the top 3 fashion trends that are going this fall 2019 season.

1. A Collared, Long Sleeve Polo Has An Ideal Combination Of Fashion Sense And Functionality

Long sleeve, collared polos, such as the ones featured on The RealReal, are in this fall season. These polos are stylish for sure and they also have the benefit of being highly functional as that fall weather turns to the cooler side of things. Picking up one of these great items from the expert designers at Burberry London is the perfect way to stay warm and look great this fall season.

2. Making A Fall Statement With A Belted Blazer

Belted blazers are another hot fashion statement this fall 2019. They again have that benefit of being functional for cooler fall weather, but they also make this list of top fashion trends due to their trendy statement that they make. These blazers are a great way to put one’s fashion sense on display while wearing a clothing item that is appropriate for the type of weather that this season tends to bring. When it comes to top trends in fall fashion, it is all about that great combination of functionality combined with the ability to make a statement.

3. Set The Mood This Fall With Florals

Florals are not just for warmer seasons and this is being proven this fall 2019 season. To fit the season, floral patterns with a darker, more fall-oriented pattern and color scheme are the way to go. Floral patterns are a great way to make a colorful statement this fall and fit the seasonal mood to a tee. Forget the idea that floral patterns are only for warmer weather. These fall florals are an ideal way to make a fashion statement this fall season.

A Fast Rising Star Within Today’s Fashion Sector

The RealReal has become one of the most exciting businesses to hit the fashion scene in some time and the company has quickly risen to a leading position in a second-hand fashion business that is continually growing. A driving factor behind the success of The RealReal is the firm’s reputation as an industry leader in the rapidly growing sector of online consignment. Much like a traditional consignment shop, buyers can get great fashion items at a cost that is below what it would be if they were purchasing them new from the manufacturer. The firm offers true luxury fashion goods that are authenticated by industry experts that are skilled in this verification process. Based out of the San Francisco Bay area, this unique and innovative take on the traditional consignment business has grown to become the largest marketplace of this type currently operating globally. Customers have the opportunity to purchase items ranging from fashion items from top designers to luxury jewelry and the hottest fashion accessories. This innovative firm also offers several brick-and-mortar style retail stores as well. The steady growth exhibited by this innovative firm is linked closely with the expert staff that has made it their commitment to bring the best quality fashion to the public.

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