Fantastic Window Residence in Valencia, Spain

The exquisite Window residence was completed in 2010 by a Spanish architectural firm called LADAA, and it was placed at an elevated location overlooking the city of Valencia. The abode was divided into 2 separate floors that offer exceptional views of the surrounding environment while ensuring luxurious living conditions for its lucky owners.

The main living areas as well as the master bedroom can be found on the ground floor, which provides much needed privacy and independence from the children and guest’s accommodations. From an exterior point of view, the house itself has 4 different faces, 3 of them being almost completely matte for privacy purposes while one face is fully transparent, boasting exquisite views of the encircling areas. The transition between the indoors and outdoors is achieved through a transparent glass box that links the exterior spaces to the 2,150 square feet of living space found within.

The service spaces and garage as well as two bedrooms and an audio-video room can be reached via a staircase leading to the basement. Each and every room in the house was adorned with lovely contemporary decorations and outfitted with high-end conveniences such as cozy fireplaces or flat-screen TVs. The outdoors impresses with a lavish swimming pool encircled by comfortable seating arrangements that can be used for sunbathing, relaxation and socialization.

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