FabulousLeibish Pink Promise Diamond in Hong Kong

Presented at the 2013 Hong Kong International Jewellery Show, this extremely rare gem weighs 2.02 carats and is known as “The Leibish Pink Promise”. It is a fabulous fancy vivid purplish-pink diamond, presented at the show by Israel-based Leibish& Co, the online natural colored diamond company.

The purplish-pink hue is very rare and highly sought after on the luxury market. Judging by the general public’s interest and its marketbehavior, experts believe that colored diamonds are definitely becoming an excellent investment option.

This particular example was graded SI2 clarity by the Gemological Institute of America, and it was cut into a beautiful cushion shape. The original 4.96 carat stone was found in the KAO mine, South Africa, unlike most pink diamonds, which usually come from the famous Argyle mine in Australia.