Extremely Exclusive $1 Million Luvaglio Laptops

Of course you can buy a plush residence with $1 million, but if you already have a few of those, then you could also consider purchasing the world’s first million dollar laptop. When British company Luvaglio announced its opulent creations, people were struck with awe followed by a natural dose of skepticism.

The thing is, the luxury manufacturer is not very much into transparency, and its product specifications are not available for everybody. First of all, you need to be personally invited as potential client by the company, and only then will you be able to have a closer look at the products and make an informed decision about buying one or not.

What a 2007 press release did unveil, however, was that the luxury notebooks featured 17-inch               LED lit widescreens, excellent anti-reflective coating, a slot loading Blue-Ray drive, and 128GB of solid state disk space. We know, that’s not the best laptop in the world, but these pieces have a few extra qualities that no other manufacturer can provide.

Reports say that the products haven’t changed much over the past few years, and that specifications are pretty much the same today. However, Luvaglio CEO Rohan Sinclair Luvagliopromises that every laptop is manufactured with minute attention to details, and adds “I didn’t want us to simply re-house a laptop into a diamond studded casing, or diamond encrust the entire thing simply to make it expensive.”

Still, probably the most alluring feature of these luxury creations is the extremely rare piece of colored diamond that works as a security identification device and also as a power button when it is placed on the notebook. According to Luvaglio himself, the company has put a lot of thought in every detail, from the keyboard, to the integrated screen cleaning device, and the power charger. But does that justify the price? What do you think bout it?



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