Exquisite Savelli Luxury Smartphones for Women

Ladies, this one is dedicated exclusively to you. It is a new line of luxury smartphonescreatedonlyfor women and flaunting an irresistible design based on high-quality and very expensive materials. The idea came from former financier Alessandro Savelli, whose debut collection Jardin Secretwill be launched tomorrow (July 3) at MuséeJacquemart-André in Paris.

After the launch these exquisite phones will be available in luxury retailers such as Harrods in London and Printemps in Paris. Interested customers will be thrilled to learn that the smartphones combine top-notch technologies with impeccable craftsmanship and a jewelry-inspired design.

The materials used for these curvaceous and feminine devices include 18-carat gold, ceramic, precious gems, sapphire crystal (for the curved screen), and exotic leathers, such as black alligator, pearly iguana and blue ostrich. Actually, according to Savelli, half of the supplies necessary for these exquisite phones come from the world of luxury watches and high-end jewelry.

As far as prices are concerned, stylish ladies should be ready to shell out between €6,900 and €7,500 ($9,000 and $9,800) for one unit. For those of you who love opulence regardless of its price, the Black Insane model could be even more alluring, being decorated with 75 baguette-cut diamonds and costing a whopping €90,000 ($117,500).

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