Exquisite Cluny MM Handbag By Louis Vuitton

Exquisite Cluny MM Handbag By Louis Vuitton

What you’re admiring right now is the extraordinary Cluny MM handbag by Louis Vuitton – an elegant and uniquely designed accessory that’s bound to put you in the spotlight right away. Apart from its embossed and printed Epi leather build, this bag also impresses with silvery metallic pieces, a microfiber lining, a top handle and a flap on the front complemented by a magnetic closure.

Exquisite Cluny MM Handbag By Louis Vuitton

Other highlights include an exterior back pocket, a few interior smartphone pockets and an interior zipped pocket, which means that there is plenty of space to store all of your gadgets and accessories. The Cluny MM handbag measures 7.9 x 4.7 x 11.0 inches, and it is absolutely a delight to look at.

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