Exquisite Arceau Pocket Volutes Timepiece by Hermès

One of the best things about Hermèsluxury timepieces is the fact that they often bring forth rare and precious manufacturing and decorating techniques that give extra appeal and value to each creation. One of the latest such projects is the superb Arceau Pocket Volutes, a pocket watch for seekers of elegance.

The most spectacular part of the watch is its skillfully engraved lid, which is completed after over 150 hours of extremely precise and exhausting work. The white gold case measures 48 mm in diameter, which ensures enough space for the talented craftsmen to do their decorating work. The swirling design on the lid is inspired by a 1972 pattern created by Hermèsartist Henri d’Origny.

Apparently the process of creating this intricate lid decoration involves a combination of marquetry and masterful hand engraving: rose gold and white gold disks are crafted separately and only later welded together, with the final touches coming at the end of the process.

Inside the case there is a manually-wound mechanism developed by Manufacture Vaucherexclusively for Hermès. The matte Havana alligator leatherpouch and strap perfectly match the translucent chocolate brown enamel dial for a final touch of elegance.

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