Exciting Boot Camp Package at Gstaad Palace Hotel, Switzerland

In love with the magnificent Swiss Alps? We know a great place where you can enjoy them all year round. The Gstaad Palace Hotel in Switzerland is a haven of luxury and relaxation, from where nature can be admired and explored every day. Overlooking the Gstaad village, the hotel is a place where guests feel like members of a big and warm family, enjoying excellent service and friendly yet discreet help at any time.

The interiors boast upscale finishes and a warm sense of alpine elegance. There are 104 bedrooms in the building, spread in 4 Suites, 19 Junior Suites, and 74 Single and Double Rooms, as well as 2 two-bedroom Tower Suites and one 3-bedroom Penthouse Suite.

In this perfect setting, guests can enjoy a variety of offers, one of which is the new Boot Camp program of intensive workout by Marin Horn. The package includes accommodation for 6 nights, healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, and professional fitness training for 5 and a half days. Price per person starts at CHF 4,995 (approx. $5,300), which includes individually tailored nutrition and diet plans for each participant. Whitewater rafting, hiking, mountain biking and climbing are also part of the deal.

The dates for this exciting program are: July 14-20 and August 18-24, 2013.

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