Doe Deere Takes On A New Venture With Poppy Angeloff

Doe Deere Takes On A New Venture With Poppy Angeloff

If you have been around for the rise of Instagram brands, Lime Crime is definitely one that you may have encountered. This global cult brand emerged as one of the unique makeup brands, and become known for its wide range of products that weren’t ‘conventional’ in any way. In spite of the extensive amount of publicity that the brand has earned, very few people know the story behind it, and the founder herself.

Doe Deere founded LimeCrime in a time where online brand didn’t stand at par with in-store ones. As someone who never stood for the conventional, Doe was always trying to find ways in which they could stand out and be unique at what she does. She initially moved to the United States from Russia with the hope of becoming a musician. She started on the New York music scene along with her band and soon started gaining recognition in the small pockets of communities in New York. While her music attracted the crowds, one of the things that truly stood out was her sense of style. Doe came to be known as someone who wasn’t afraid to express who they were and was someone who wore her creativity in ways that she saw fit.

At the time, Doe Deere loved experimenting with her makeup and was always finding ways to incorporate new looks for her shows. Back then, there was a shortage of brands who released makeup in bright and vibrant colors. Most brands worked with colors that would be considered conventional, thus hindering those who truly wanted to express themselves. Doe did not, however, didn’t want to conform to the conventional and started to make her own makeup in the colors that she wanted. Soon, people started noticing her out of the box makeup and wanted in on this little secret. Within a short period, Doe went on from making makeup for herself and her looks to a whole customer base of friends and family. This marked the roots of Lime Crime, and over the years, the brand expanded beyond what anyone imagined.

Today, Lime Crime stands as a household name, with some of the biggest celebrities showing off their latest looks using Lime Crime products.

New Ventures

Having dedicated more than ten years of her life to Lime Crime, Doe decided that she wanted to take on a new venture and express herself in a new form. Whatever she decided on would have to be a reflection of her own personality, and would have to be something that speaks of her own personal style. With this ideal in mind, she decided to start her own Jewelry brand known as Poppy Angeloff. Bright colors have always been her forte, and Doe wanted to incorporate that through the new products that she would release.

The idea to start Poppy Angeloff came to Doe Deere when she was going through some of her old family heirlooms. She found a number of pieces of jewelry that were simply stunning, and which she would wear even today. This opened up a whole new world of Victorian and vintage jewelry, which is not a popular category that jewelry companies tend to divulge into.

In an interview, Doe stated that it was, in fact, her sister who gave her the final push that she needed to start a company with this idea. Over the next few months, Doe spent learning about the jewelry business and the processes behind making unique and timeless pieces. After learning more about the industry, Doe Deere decided that she was finally ready to build a company, leading to the birth of Poppy Angeloff.


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