Different Types of Bracelets that Men Can Wear

In the past, men wore bracelets to symbolize power, wealth, and status. These days, however, some guys don’t know how to wear these accessories properly.

A bracelet is an excellent conversation starter. It can also add a visual cue to your style and personality. If you wish to include bracelets to your ensemble, here are some types that you can choose from.

Metal Bracelets
Metal bracelets are historically the most popular type due to their inherent simplicity and ruggedness. They rate high on the masculinity spectrum because of their bulkiness and silver tone color.

A beautiful metal bracelet is perfect for mature men who want an accessory that is minimalist and not frivolous. If you wish to wear one, be sure it matches your watch’s tone of metal to ensure a smooth, clean look. One good rule of thumb is to wear only one metal bracelet at a time. Stacking several of them together will look too bulky and awkward.

Leather Bracelets
Like metal, leather has a masculine appeal. Bracelets made of this material can be woven or crafted into a single piece that wraps once or twice around the wrist and tied or fastened with a press stud. Wider styles create a more casual look while more delicate types appear chicer.

Leather contrasts perfectly against watch dials. It complements the wrist, even as you wear your bracelet and timepiece together on the same arm. Just be sure it’s genuine leather so that it will look better as it ages.

Woven Fabric Bracelets
Woven fabric bracelets were commonly used as entrance passes for music festivals. Then, fashionable individuals started wearing theirs as a status symbol. That is to show others where they had been.

Woven bracelets can be stacked together with a watch or complement a ring. They also look fine when paired with a leather or metal bracelet. You can wear them to add color to your casual wardrobe.

Silicone Bracelets
If you find it awkward to wear accessories on both wrists that you put on your watch and bracelet on one arm, then a silicone bracelet is for you. It’s a great alternative to metallic and leather bracelets. Just remember that the main band should dictate your bracelet’s color scheme and the complementary hues should be used for the other design elements. For example, if the bracelet is blue, the print should be muted orange.

Beaded Bracelets
Beaded bracelets are among the most popular bracelet options for men because they look great with everything. From wooden, ethnic-inspired varieties or luxury crystal and glass variants, there are beaded bracelets to match your mood, style, and dress code.

Consider choosing beads of different sizes, materials, colors, and patterns to create a random and casual effect. Too many identical beads look dull and uninteresting.

Ultimately, once you have chosen the bracelets that reflect your unique sense of style, they must match your outfit. The trick is to pick one key accent color from your clothing and choose bracelets in the same shade to give your look consistency.

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