Delightful Baltazar Hotel in Budapest

If you find yourself in Budapest in the near future and you need a place to spend a few nights at, then we definitely think you should consider the amazing Baltazar Hotel. As a family-owned establishment, this high-end hotel boasts a relaxed, casual and carefree environment while also ensuring the best of the best when it comes to accommodation, dining and entertainment.

And since we mentioned dining, we feel that we should tell you a bit about the delicious meals that you could savor at the Baltazar Grill. The Grill stands ready to provide some of the most exquisite culinary delights you have ever tasted, since all meals here are prepared using natural ingredients obtained from flavor-conscious farms. These ingredients include hand-made sauces and jams as well as dry-aged Austrian beef and free-range chicken, while the laid back wooden table-based seating arrangements make you to feel as if you were one of the locals. Furthermore, there’s nothing like a glass of fine wine to go after a delicious meal, which is why the Baltazar includes its own indoor wine bar that tempts visitors with promises of unmatched flavors and rustic, vintage decorations.

The accommodation options are no less incredible, flaunting pop art and high-end furnishings that give off a sense of utmost elegance and character, which is only enhanced by the different Andy Warhol, Keith Haring and Vivienne Westwood themes found throughout.  With nightly rates starting at $100, the Baltazar is definitely one of the most impressive hotels found in the famed Hungarian capital.