Could a More Luxurious Pillow Improve Your Sleep?

Sleep quality is a perennial issue for thousands of Americans. While there are interventions that help many, there are even more people every year whose sleep issues persist, defying conventional treatment options. Some doctors have revised their ideas about how sleep impacts physical health as a result of the effects seen in these cases, and many patients eventually find relief in the right combination of approaches. One of the supports that many find helps their other efforts is the adoption of a neck pillow to help with more consistent muscle support during sleep.

The Goldilocks Theory and Pillow Fit

Neck support during sleep can be a major contributor to headaches and muscle tension in the neck and shoulders. As a result, many people who could be enjoying otherwise untroubled sleep develop health issues as a result of their rest habits. Understanding when your pillows have broken down and need replacement can help with this, but even then traditional pillows rarely support exactly the right parts of the head and neck. They work fairly well for most people, but they are not ideal. Sleeping on your back has been found to improve this in a lot of cases, but it’s not a total fix unless your head and neck are properly supported.

Neck pillows allow you to rest knowing your head and neck are properly cushioned to prevent pressure points that create undue neck tension, and when they are designed well they work in any position. That can make it easier to train yourself to sleep on your back if you want, but it can also make it so you don’t need to because the right neck pillow will accommodate you if you shift position in your sleep. Many even provide restful slumber to those who have to sleep sitting or partially reclined, like airline passengers.

If you opt for a neck pillow, finding one that is properly fit or widely adjustable is the key. Just as you don’t need uneven support that leaves certain places with too soft a cushion and others with too hard a resting surface, you also need support that fits the unique shape of your head and neck. That way, you can get the sleep that’s just right for you. That’s the Goldilocks theory at work, and when that perfect fit is combined with other best practices for sleep hygiene, you can see a real difference in your rest.

Eco-Friendly Choices for New Pillows

One major rising concern among consumers over the past decade has been the prevalence of textile waste. With many items being made to wear because of the nature of their use, the generation of textile waste has become a serious issue for those looking to live ecologically friendly lifestyles. Luckily, there are options like bamboo-based textiles from manufacturers like Cariloha. Being made from renewable, plant-based materials means natural textiles can generally be raised and refined with less waste too.

  • Natural textiles have prevailed for most of human history
  • They can be made and recycled or composted with less waste
  • Eco-friendly materials are made to break down easily

There’s no reason to wait when your quality of sleep is at stake. Get yourself the neck support you need to get your Goldilocks fit. You won’t believe the difference it can make in your daily comfort level and outlook.