Complex And Original HYT H3 Timepiece

Even though it looks like something that only a supervillain would choose to wear, the newest creation by HYT, the H3 watch, was made to gather a crowd during this year’s Baselworld event. This complex-looking piece features a rectangular case that’s 62mm wide by 41mm tall, and it was made out of high quality materials such as titanium and platinum. The dial flaunts a linear liquid indicator as well as a rotating cubic linear hour scale complemented by a retrograde minute hand. Yeah, HYT’s timepieces are rarely simple, and that’s what makes them stand out among their peers.

This watch tells the time in a 24h format with the help of six cubes (they look more like rectangular prisms) that are placed in line and turn every six hours in order to display a fresh set of numbers. The liquid bar moves along these numbers thanks to a system of bellows that can be observed at the top right and left of the watch’s movement. The user can set the time using a pusher on the side of the case. Limited to just 25 units, the HYT H3 costs about $292,000, which makes it the Swiss brand’s most expensive watch to date.




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