Classy Oliver Ruuger Nile Crocodile Handle Umbrella

This is the kind of umbrella that you simply cannot afford to lose or misplace. Priced at a staggering £1,575 (about $2,400), the Oliver Ruuger Nile Crocodile Handle Umbrella is part of an exclusive collection available only at

Accessories designer Oliver Ruuger offered his talent and expertise for this very unique collection of four different umbrella models – each sophisticated and elegant, yet simple. Two exquisite artisans are required for the manufacture of each piece, and a series of complicated development processes need to be completed to attain the level of quality and perfection that they boast.

The material used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected and include solid black brass, jet-black ebony wood, calfskin, and a series of exotic leathers, such as ring lizard and Nile crocodile. As a final proof of pedigree, each umbrella features a classy black ‘Oliver Ruuger’ label carefully sewn onto the canopy.

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