Christie’s Immense Success at Its Latest Art Sale: $3.5 Billion

Christie’s auction house enjoys achievement after achievement, setting new records and attracting lots of extravagant bidders with their every event. During the first half of the last year alone it set a new market record by raising $3.5 billion in total. The house’s latest achievement happened on February 13, 2013 during a Post-War & Contemporary Art sale in London, when it raised £81,668,850 (over $127,700,000).

The auction was a huge success, bringing 10 artists to new records. No less than 19 lots were sold for over £1 million, and an impressive 27 others went for more than $1 million. The most expensive sale of all, however, went beyond £9 million! It was a single piece, called Museum Security (Broadway meltdown) by Jean-Michel Basquiat. Fetching much more than the initial estimate, the painting was sold for £9,337,250 (over $14,600,000).

Other notable sales include: Away from the Flock (Divided) by Damien Hirst (£1,945,250), Table, Chair, Hatstand by Allen Jones (£2,169,250), Great Pyramid at Giza with Broken Head from Thebes by David Hockney (£3,513,250), The Architect’s Home in the Ravine by Peter Doig (£7,657,250), and Abstraktes Bild (2004) by Gerhard Richter (£8,441,250).