Central Park’s Most Zen Spots

Blue Tent in Forest with Bicycle Against Tree and Hammock.

Starting with the Conservatory Garden, off of 5th Ave at 105th St, is one of the most Zen places Central Park has to offer. It is a variety of greenery and in the middle of a path is a beautiful fountain. The fountain is surrounded by a bed of water and lily pads float around the statues, which are also the fountain. Helen Lee Schifter, a Zen expert, loves to visit there to find peaceful moments. The Shakespeare Garden is another great location to find some inner peace. It’s on the west side of the par, between 79th and 80th street. The stone path is very reminiscent of the 1600s and so many different types of flowers can be found growing around the garden. 

Turtle Pond is a must during the fall. Watching the leaves fall is very peaceful. It has little amphibians enjoying the quest pond and had beautiful views of the city. Reading a book while gazing over scenic views is always a recommendation when stopping at Central Park. It’s usually very quiet and can allow for any Zen moments to happily occur. Sheep Meadow, on the other hand, is definitely somewhere to go to people watch. It’s the most rambunctious of the list, but still, peace can be found there.For many, Zen is associated with solitude and loneliness. However, that’s not the case at all. Finding a quiet place to connect with inner parts of oneself and release any negative energy is the point of it. Helen Lee Schifter agrees. Finding a safe space to be one with nature and be tranquil are very important. As the world changes, it is now more important than ever to find inner peace.