Cannabis Catches the Citizens of the U.S

Marijuana legalization has been a subject of debate for as long as it’s been in the U.S. It has slowly seen a rise in popularity year after year. California started by legalizing medicinal marijuana in 1996 and today 37 of the 50 states have legalized marijuana. This statistic seems unsurprising when the fact that 90% of Americans approve of medicinal marijuana is considered. 

The numbers are rising for recreational marijuana as well. Today almost 60% of Americans support recreational use of marijuana. This translates to 21 states that have legalized the drug in recreational contexts. All in all this means 44% of Amercians live in states where they can access legal recreational cannabis.

The support isn’t coming in local contexts exclusively either. President Joe Biden enacted an executive order to pardon all non-violent marijuana possession. This comes alongside a slew of federal bills that were introduced in 2022. These bills cover a range of factors, but many work to regulate marijuana use.
Ultimately the case for marijuana and CBD legalization works because of the possibility of regulation. Cannabis is found in every state, the argument goes that it should at least be regulated if it’s so accessible. This argument has not always been popular, in the past marijuana has been as debilitating and dangerous. Today though as more of the health effects of marijuana are studied, it becomes more common. None of this is to say more marijuana in society is positive, just that it is undeniably likely.

Cannabis Legislation by State