Britain’s Most Expensive Estate: Heath Hall in Hamptead

The most expensive property in Britain flaunts no less than 14 bedroom suites and is currently for sale at a whopping £100 million (approximately $159 million). It is known as the Heath Hall, and it was built back in 1910 for William Park Lyle, a sugar tycoon of the renowned Tate & Lyle family. The estate can be found on Bishops Avenue in Hamptead.

If interested in this property, you should be ready to pull a lot of money from your account. The estate agent’s brochure alone costs a staggering £2,000, while the stamp duty is £7 million! The superb Heath Hall comes with 2.5 acres of lavish gardens, and so many amenities that only reading the list can make you feel weary.

Every one of the 14 bedroom suites is tastefully appointed to the highest standards, and so are the 6 reception rooms, the elegant dining room, the family room and the drawing room. There is also a sun room in the residence, a snooker room for gaming enthusiasts, and a state-of-the-art home theater for movie addicts. The baths boast hand-carved marble basins that were manufactured in Italy and then transported to the house.

Back in 2006 the property was purchased by Andreas Panayiotou, who then spent an impressive £40 million for an extensive makeover. Among the great things this residence flaunts, one of the most remarkable is the fully-equipped panic room with toilet, basin, telephone with separate wires (that cannot be cut), and an advanced control panel. Being such a remarkable property, the Heath Hall will have all its potential buyers vetted by Glentree Estates.

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