Breitling Emergency II Watch: A True Lifesaver!

Here’s a new answer to the famous question “What would you take with you on a deserted island?” The new Breitling Emergency II wristwatch! Quite thick and really large (51 mm in diameter), the watch represents a significant improvement over the original version launched in the ‘90s.

While the firs Emergency measured 43 mm in diameter and could emit a 121.5MHz analogue signal when necessary, the new version can send the same 121.5MHz signal plus a 406MHz digital one. To better understand what this means, the original watch could only be detected from about 100 miles away and 20,000 feet high, while this new one is powerful enough to send the rescue beep to a satellite for as long as 24 hours!

Unveiled at Baselworld 2013, the awesome timepiece is priced at $15,000. The great thing is that Breitling promises a new watch for the user who finds himself forced to pull the antenna out (in a real emergency case). Inside the titanium case there is a COSC-certified Breitling Caliber 76 movement, as well as a very special antenna that is actually the real rescuer.

It comes with different dial color options and it features a series of very useful functions: analog and LCD digital display, 1/100th second chronograph, 2nd timezone, timer, multilingual calendar, and battery status indicator.


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