Bombproof Timepiece: The Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2

Not that anyone would worry about their watch in a bomb situation, but it’s nice to know that this 44 mm by 20 mm timepiece is absolutely bombproof. It is known as the Kaventsmann Triggerfish Bronze A2 watch and it was tested by the U.S. Special Forces, proving that not even 10 lbs. of C4 could destroy it. The sturdy case and bezel made it out of the explosion unharmed, while the sapphire crystal only had a few scratches on it.

Unsurprisingly, the piece is also water resistant to impressive depths. Apparently the case and crystal can withstand pressures of approximately 300 bars, which translate to over 9,800 feet, or 3,000 meters. Mind blowing and extremely tempting for divers!

So what material did its maker use in order to obtain such impressive results? Apparently Michael Barahona Fernandez, the man behind this project, handcrafted the case from CuSn8 phosphor-bronzeat his shop in Berlin. His is a one-man workshop, so he can only create a very limited number of these timepieces every month. Production will stop after 30 units, with the first 5 being ready by the end of the month. Interested?

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