Birthday Gift: Print an SMS Book

Thinking of the perfect gift to get a loved one or close friend? It is effortless to go out, buy a pointless gift that means absolutely nothing, throw it into a gift bag and call it a well-thought-out gift. Order something online and have it delivered, or worst of all, buy your loved ones, who are expecting nothing but the best from you, a gift card. The truth is there are plenty of birthday gifts that you could get someone, and chances are they will love it, even if it is just a gift card. 

In the new age of gifting, everything has changed. Technology has changed the gift-giving game. Send someone a gift basket, order a treat online, or even have something they have always wanted delivered straight to their home, all without you having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

While some might agree that this is a dream come true, others might feel like it takes away from the magic and thoughtfulness of giving. There is nothing more satisfying than receiving a gift that means something to you. 

So is there a birthday gift that does not disappoint? Is there a gift that beats out the rest? If you are looking for the perfect birthday gift to give to somebody, we highly suggest you consider gifting them an SMS book. This new birthday gift idea is something that anybody could love and appreciate. 

Join us as we explain what an SMS book is, how easy it is to make, where you can get one and how simple this heartfelt birthday gift is. 

What Is an SMS Book?

A unique and thoughtful way to remember those special moments you have shared with a loved one or close friend. An SMS book or printed text message book is a great way to freeze special moments in the pages of a beautiful book.

The gifter takes screenshots of a conversation they had over text and converts these images into a heartfelt hardcopy of these sweet interactions. All that you have to do, as mentioned, is take a screenshot or create a pdf of the conversation, print them out and have them bound into a booklet or a full book.

How to Create an SMS Book  

Convert the Images 

First, you want to convert the text messages into printable or uploadable formats such as a PDF or a screenshot in jpg or png format.

Backup the Files You Have Created 

The next step in this creative journey is to back up the files that you have created. Creating a backup for these files ensures that you have them for future purposes and prevents any problems that may arise if you lose one of your files.

Upload Your Files to a Program or Print Them Out  

After creating your backup, you can now print out your text messages or upload them to a pdf upload software. 

Choose How You Would Like to Create Your Book 

Now you can choose what creative direction to take with your book. Choose the layout and how you would like it to look. Add pictures, change the font or add more colour. This is the step where you get creative.

Finish Your Masterpiece  

The last step here is to get your book printed and bound. 

You could do all this all by yourself or have it printed and delivered right to your doorstep using printing websites such as mon livre sms


A text message book is simple, meaningful and cost-effective. Get those close to you a gift that they will remember and hold close to their hearts. Get them an SMS book.