9 Ways To Affordably Remodel Your Home

The desire to remodel your home is a popular one for homeowners. No matter what kind of style you are looking for, you will want to obtain affordable luxury in your home. Home Advisor reports the number of homeowners completing a bathroom remodeling project is climbing year on year, with some looking to sell their property and others to create a spa-like retreat. The cost of an affordable home remodel is not cheap, with a bathroom remodel alone setting you back around $10,000. 

1. A New Coat of Paint

Your home may look and feel tired because the paint is faded and discolored. This Old House reports the most commonly completed home remodeling project is painting, with the brain tricked into seeing everything as new when the walls are freshly painted. When choosing to paint a room or the exterior of your home, you can discuss your options with a reputable contractor before completing the project yourself. 

2. Install a New Shower

Kohler showers are among the most popular for their use of energy-efficient technology. Homeowners often feel they have to complete an entire bathroom remodel to update this area. However, the work of a contractor can include installing a new shower to give a sense of affordable luxury to your bathroom. Installing new Kohler showers helps to show your property has been updated and the fixtures are of a high-quality. When remodeling your home, quality counts in some areas where potential buyers will be impressed. 

3. Add Storage to Your Kitchen

An area of concern for every homeowner is how much storage they will have in a kitchen. If you are looking for a simple and effective way of adding storage to your kitchen, open shelving can solve several problems. A kitchen that does not have a lot of cabinets can benefit from the addition of open shelves to store plates and glasses. Homeowners who spend their time baking and cooking can place their prized accessories from quality brands in a visible location for easy access. 

4. Add Stripes to your Bathroom

A bathroom remodel is not a simple or inexpensive task to undertake. You can find yourself struggling to bring a complete bathroom remodel project to completion for less than $10,000. A small bathroom can benefit from a new paint job, with stripes a fun option for adding a modern style to your smallest room. Horizontal stripes will provide a feeling of width to your bathroom without breaking the bank.

5. Think About Your Entrance

First impressions count is the old saying, with your front door reflecting your design choices. If you are unwilling to invest in a new front door, a coat of paint on your existing door will add to the exterior. Matching your front door to the exterior color scheme of your home is an excellent design choice. If you are looking to spend more on your front entrance, the addition of millwork can provide a stately feel that will impress every visitor. 

6. Add Interior Shutters

The interior of your home should be an oasis from the exterior world. Your living room and bedrooms are the areas you will spend the most time in and need to make you feel secure from prying eyes. Installing blinds is the most commonly chosen option, but for a more stylish finish, swinging interior shutters add drama to any room. Interior shutters add historical detail and an architectural style to your property.

7. Restore Wooden Floors

Taking care of the wooden floors in your home is a simple way of keeping its attractive appearance throughout the year. Installing new flooring throughout your home is a costly exercise that requires a contractor for expert completion. Wooden floors in your home need to be cared for in the right way, with cleaning using specialized products undertaken once a year. In areas with high traffic, your floors can become dull extremely quickly and require cleaning every four to six months. 

8. Caulk Your Bathroom

The fixtures and fittings in your bathroom should be caulked into place to avoid water moving around your home and causing mold and mildew. The caulk around your sink, shower, and bathtub can become tired and old when it is left untouched for years at a time. Caulk is inexpensive but can give your bathroom and kitchen a brand new look when a fresh coat is applied. 

9. Add Storage to an Entryway

Families can struggle to keep the area around the front and back door clean and tidy. School-age children can use the area around an entryway as a drop zone for bags, coats, and shoes. Installing a storage system with hooks and baskets for commonly used items will make your home look clean and tidy at all times. Creating an inviting and comfortable living space in your home does not have to break the bank. Completing a few small projects can give your home an impressive new look that can make your home feel new and improved.

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