8 Key Reasons to Have a Basement Waterproofed Before Winter

8 Key Reasons to Have a Basement Waterproofed Before Winter

Basements and foundations are out of sight. Homeowners often overlook the need to waterproof them. Yet, waterproofing would improve the quality of life in their homes.

Groundwater seepage into a home’s lower levels can lead to some issues. They include wood rot, paint flaking, termite damage, and a crumbling foundation. Basements are vulnerable to flooding being below ground and surrounded by soil. Here are key reasons to have a basement waterproofed before winter.

1. Conserves the Foundation

Your foundation won’t fracture from moisture absorption if you waterproof it. Cracks can grow throughout your building when moisture expands with changing temperatures. It is possible to reduce the need for costly foundation repairs. This reduction is by waterproofing your basement and correcting any leaks. The money needed to waterproof a basement is minimal.

2. Reduces the Potential for Flooding

When you waterproof your basement, water flows around and through your home. The process reroutes the water in a particular direction. It is possible to lessen the likelihood of flooding by waterproofing your home.

If you have a basement, water damage is inevitable. Most basements in the United States (98%+) are affected by water at some point. Contact a reliable contractor in case you need basement waterproofing or repairs.

3. Safeguards Your Health

Snow and rain can cause leaks in the basement, leading to mold and mildew. The resulting mold and mildew growths can aggravate respiratory conditions. The respiratory diseases include asthma and allergies.

4. Lowers Insurance Costs

Waterproofing your basement has many benefits, including lowering your monthly insurance premiums. Those who have flood or water damage insurance will appreciate this. That’s because if you waterproof your basement, your home is safer. It is far less likely to have mold development and water damage.

5. Protects Your Valuables from Harm

The basement is a great spot to store various objects out of sight. You can store tools, sports gear, furniture, or baggage. No matter what you keep in your basement, be sure it stays dry.  Waterproofing systems can protect your possessions from the hazards of a damp basement.

6. Lowers Energy Bills

Cooling your home will be more expensive if the basement is damp and heated. Even if you do everything you can to preserve the heat in the house, winter air may find its way through gaps.  Waterproofing the basement improves the home’s insulation. Waterproofing, in turn, lowers heating and cooling costs.

7. Maximizes the Basement’s Potential

Waterproofing the foundation can reduce the amount of water that leaks into the home. It can act as a watertight barrier and redirect any overflow. Your basement will be safe from leaks, floods, and dampness.

8. Value of Your Home Rises

One of the best ways to increase your home’s value is to waterproof the basement. It will prevent costly foundation issues and keep the interior dry. Waterproofing your basement increases home value. View waterproofing not as an unnecessary expenditure but as a worthwhile investment.

Basement waterproofing is a solution for homeowners. It prevents water damage to their homes and valuables in the basement. Waterproofing will greatly improve the quality of your life.


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