How You Can Turn Your Basement from a Dull Storage Area to a Luxury Space

The basement can be an extremely versatile space rather than simply using it for storage. Most people have items that they do not need so doing a purge can allow you to use your basement for a variety of activities. A person could want to put their extensive collection of wines in a temperature-controlled cellar but do not have any room on the ground floor. The basement not only has the space but it can easily be turned into a luxury space by making the right improvements/investments. The following are ways that you can turn your basement into a luxury space instead of a storage area as it is used for so many others.

Insulate and Waterproof the Space

Waterproofing your basement will need to be done in order to keep any electronics safe. You do not want water leaking into the basement and causing black mold which can be expensive to have removed. The basement is usually known as a cold, dark, and damp place but this can be changed! Insulating your basement can allow you to save money on electricity and keep the space warm during all times of the year. Spray foam insulation is not only efficient but also affordable at nearly any budget. Once this has been done, then you can start turning your basement into a truly luxurious space.

Invest in a Projection Screen

A projection screen will allow you to watch any type of show or game that you want. Make sure that the lighting in the basement is able to be dimmed as this can impact picture quality. Investing a few recliners with cupholders can turn this into a sports fan’s paradise. The ability to watch movies with the entire family in your own personal movie theater is something that your kids will brag about. A projection screen can turn your home into the destination for your group of friends as it provides all of the comforts that watching a game at a bar does.

Surround Sound Never Hurts

Surround sound can give the basement a feeling of a real movie theater. The systems do differ in cost but there are affordable options that will allow for high-quality sound. Asking a professional to come out to set it up is likely the best idea as they have done this numerous times in the past. Take your entertainment to the next level with a projection screen and surround sound.

Putting in a Bar

Putting in a bar can turn a basement into an entertaining space or a place to relax. Being able to sit on a barstool and watch a sporting event is incredibly convenient. There are plenty of options whether you want a traditional wooden bar or a tiki bar to give the basement a Caribbean feel. This is going to be perfect for entertaining due to the fact that an insulated basement is going to reduce noise that is made. You might not be able to throw a huge party on the ground floor but can have quite a few people in the basement.

Don’t Forget to Put in a Bathroom

The last thing anyone wants to do is to constantly have to go up the stairs to go to the bathroom. You can turn the basement into a livable space for a teen or for a renter. With the bar that is mentioned above, you are most likely already going to have a fridge. Basement stairs can be dangerous for anyone so limit the number of times you have to go up and down them daily.  

You can turn your basement into a luxury space with just a few steps that are included above. Take the time to assess the main usage for your basement so you can start investing in this space.

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