5 Travel and Packing Tips for Your Next Luxury Vacation

Although the pandemic has made it difficult if not impossible for many people to travel, that doesn’t mean you can’t start writing down your bucket list of travel destinations. Whether you have dreams to backpack through New Zealand or kick back and relax in the Florida Keys, there are plenty of places to explore. If you’re ready to start planning a luxury vacation to compensate for COVID-19 cancellations, we’ve got your back. Keep reading to learn more about how to plan an awesome trip to an exciting destination.

Tip #1: Visit your ideal vacation spot during the off-season

Depending on where you want to visit, you’ll likely be paying high prices unless you strategize your timing. If money isn’t an object and you don’t mind crowds, going to a city or country during the peak season might not be a dealbreaker for you. However, if you prefer a quieter experience and don’t mind the chance of inclement weather, you may want to consider traveling during off-season periods

Depending on where you want to go, off-season periods can be different. For example, Aspen is a more popular winter destination while Tahiti is popular during spring and summer. Keep this in mind when you’re in the initial planning stages for your vacation. 

Tip #2: Consider house sitting instead of using hotels

If you want to have a luxury vacation but you don’t want to empty out your entire bank account, a great compromise that saves money is joining an international house-sitting website. No money is exchanged on the site, you just have an agreement with a homeowner to take care of their home, pets, and plants for a certain period of time. 

Not only is this a budget-friendly way to acquire accommodations, it’s also a great way to experience a particular town or city as a local. 

Another option is to use Airbnb, which offers either private rooms or entire houses that you can rent out.

Tip #3: Don’t forget to pack right

Even if you’re not packing for a trip in the immediate future, that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare for the next time you jump on a plane. Here are some new packing products you may want to use for your next post-pandemic luxury vacation:

  • Rugged luggage: If you want to avoid a catastrophic luggage failure, consider investing in quality luggage that will stand the test of time without sacrificing aesthetics. 
  • Document organizer and anti-theft wallet: Need to keep your money and passport safe? Purchase a wallet and passport holder that helps protect against skimming scams. 
  • Packing cubes: If you prefer an organized luggage experience, packing cubes can help you separate your clothes and other essentials.
  • Portable washer: Don’t want to spend all day in a laundry mat in a different country? Consider bringing a portable washer bag with you so you can bring less clothing and wash what you need.
  • Travel toiletry containers: If you have a favorite shampoo and conditioner, but it’s not sold in travel sizes, you might be at a loss for what to do. Luckily, you can just get some travel-sized empty toiletry containers and fill them with your favorite bathroom products. No need to give up your skincare routine when you’re abroad!
  • CBD gummies: Ease the stress of travel with CBD. CBDfx makes a tasty gummy that will keep you cool, calm, and collected during your entire trip.

Tip #4: Buy travel insurance

Now more than ever, it’s important to be flexible with your travel plans and purchase travel insurance. The pandemic has shown that even our most well-planned trips are vulnerable to cancellations due to conditions outside of our control. Travel insurance is a great way to protect your vacation. You should also check the cancellation policies of any flights and hotels you book as well. 

Tip #5: Pay attention to the credit cards you choose

All credit cards are the same right? Well, they might function similarly, but the terms and conditions vary depending on which kind of card you choose. Make sure you carry a travel-friendly card that won’t charge you foreign transaction fees or get frozen when you travel. 

Takeaways: Planning the Perfect Trip

Although the pandemic has thrown a wrench in many people’s plans, it’s easy and fun to plan for the future. Buying plane tickets may not be advised right now, but soon enough, you’ll be able to plan an awesome trip and travel to a new, exciting destination.

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