9 Fun Things to Do in Tallahassee, Florida

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Whether you plan to travel to the panhandle or want to settle down there, don’t overlook the capital city of Florida!

It is listed as the most educated city in Florida, with 48% of the population carrying a bachelor’s degree or higher. It’s also thought to be the site of the first Christmas celebrated in the United States. It is an awesome place to settle down, with a rich history, amazing natural terrain, and a ton of cool things to do!

You will find so many fun things to do in Tallahassee. Keep reading to learn more.

Awesome Things to do in Tallahassee

Dress for sunshine and prepare for rain in this exciting Florida city! But, above all else, get ready to have fun!

Keep reading to discover what to do in Tallahassee.

1. Drive

Taking a drive might not sound super exciting, but taking a Sunday drive through one of Tallahassee’s canopy roads will quickly change your mind.

In 1843, a fire destroyed downtown, causing a vow by the city to protect the remaining trees. This turned into charming roadways with a canopy of large trees draped in Spanish moss.

This city offers 78 miles of the canopy along nine different roadways including:

  • Old Bainbridge Road
  • Centerfield Road
  • Old Centerfield Road
  • Meridian Road
  • Miccosukee Road
  • Moccasin Gap Road
  • Old St. Augustine Road
  • Sunny Hill Road
  • Pisgah Church Road

Turn on some tunes and cruise with the family. Or, turn this drive into a romantic date.

2. Get Wild

Visit St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge. This portion of the Florida Birding & Wildlife Trail serves as a protected place for migratory birds to stay in the winter.

If you visit in October, you will see a different type of winged beauty. On their Mexico migration, thousands of Monarch butterflies flock here for food and rest, creating an incredible sight.

Here you can boat, fish, bike, and hike among a variety of wildlife. You can also visit the St. Marks Lighthouse, which marks a famous portal of entry from the 1800s.

3. Support the Local Creative Culture

When considering things to do in Tallahassee, Florida, consider the creative culture of the city. Head down to the Railroad Square Art District to support local artists and add something artsy to your collection!

You can find all sorts of treasures here in thrift stores, vintage & antique shops, and creative niches. You can also spend your time browsing art at a gallery, playing pinball and other vintage games at the arcade, or watching a play at a non-profit theater.

You can always visit Thursday through Sunday. But, try to make it on the First Friday of any month for extra excitement with music, food, and special events!

4. Golf 

Whether you want to join a country club or enjoy a game with friends, Tallahassee offers a range of golfing options. Soak in the Sunshine State’s best feature while swinging clubs with friends.

The Southwood Golf Club offers public access to one of the best courses in Florida. For a more exclusive experience, consider joining one of the top tier country clubs. Southwood, Capital City Country Club, and Golden Eagle Country Club all carry excellent membership ratings.

5. Explore Archeology 

Over eight centuries ago, Fort Walton Culture mound builders inhabited the forest around Lake Jackson. They built one burial mound and six earthen temple mounds for ceremonial purposes. 

Archeologists have only fully excavated a few of the mounds. They believe that the people first built mound 2, where a paramount chief resided upon. This area serves as one of the most important archeological sites in Florida, as they learned a ton about the native culture through findings atop and within these mounds.

You can visit the gorgeous Lake Jackson Mounds Archaeological State Park to check out the mounds, learn about the native culture who built the mounds, picnic, and hike. The park stays open year-round from 8 am-6 pm every day.

6. Geek Out

Conjure your inner science nerd and check out one of the city’s science exhibits! These Tallahassee attractions offer a unique learning experience.

The Challenger Learning Center of Tallahassee consists of a planetarium, IMAX 3-D theater, and a space mission simulator. Get an out of this world education here!

The Tallahassee Museum offers exploration of your natural surroundings. They offer 52 acres of living exhibits that teach you about the fauna and flora in the area. This museum also gives you a peek into the diverse cultural communities that flourished in this area.

7. Learn More History

Learn more about the land you live on in one of Tallahassee’s history museums! 

The Museum of Florida History offers Florida archeological findings and information on the state that dates back to prehistoric times. View over 46,000 artifacts and let the kids join in on one of the museum’s learning programs for engaging Tallahassee activities.

If you go crazy over cars, then take a ride to the Tallahassee Automobile Museum. Here you will view a cool automobile collection that brings you back in time. They feature over 140 items, including cars, boats, bikes, pedal cars, toys, motors, and other neat memorabilia.

Visit another historic site that dates back to 1633, built by the Spanish. You will find Mission San Luis Apalachee just west of downtown. Join in on all traditional games, meals, and activities to learn about this period in an immersive experience.

8. Stop to Smell the Roses

Looking for a place to take it all in? Alfred B. Maclay Gardens State Park flaunts a stunning garden with a variety of ornamental blooms, picnicking pavilions, reflecting pool, and trails.

Come here to clear your mind and enjoy the present moment. You can spend hours in this little oasis.

9. Dine

When Killearn Lakes settles you into your dream home, you want to know the best places to eat out in the city. Steer clear of tourist traps and enjoy the cuisine at some of these fantastic restaurants. 

Cypress Restaurant offers a contemporary atmosphere, featuring local artwork on their walls. You will love the sophisticated Southern fare made from chef-cut meats and fresh vegetables – all prepped in house.

The Bada Bean offers a vegetarian and vegan-friendly breakfast menu. Choose one of the delicious fresh-ground coffee flavors to accompany your meal at this little local gem.

Eat at Voodoo Dog if you want a casual meal with a magical taste. This joint serves hots and hams topped with unique flavor bursts! 

Find Fun in Tallahassee

Once you find all of the exciting things to do in Tallahassee, you will love living here. This city offers everything from learning experiences to natural getaways.

We want to see you live the lux life. Check out our website for more ways to live lavishly!

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