5 Things Your Luxury Home Needs This Christmas

We all love beautiful things, some of us more than others. When it comes to the holiday season and entertaining friends and family, we all want our homes looking amazing – this is especially true for luxury homeowners. Luxury homes have a much higher standard to uphold than regular homes, luxury homes need to look magazine-ready at a moment’s notice! Below we list 5 things every luxury home needs this festive season, so read on for premium festive inspiration…

  1. A Huge Christmas Tree

When it comes to the decorating of your luxury home this Christmas – the quintessential festive focal-point is a gorgeous Christmas tree with all the trimmings, the bigger the tree the better! If you don’t want to use a real tree, which is understandable because all the pine needles it will lose over the period, you can find a gorgeous faux tree instead. Faux trees, especially the good quality ones, look just as good as the real thing – just minus the needle shedding and allergens. Either way, a giant Christmas tree – real or faux – needs to be at the top of your to-do list this Christmas!

  1. Personalised Baubles

After you have found the perfect tree for your luxury home, the next step is to decorate it. Select your favourite colour scheme – white and gold or white and silver are always gorgeous colourways to consider. There are loads of places to look online for festive decorations if you want to socially distance and stay indoors. Alternatively, if it safe to do so in your area, you can head out to find the perfect trimmings for your tree. Personalised baubles are a lovely personal touch for your Christmas tree this year, you can add your spouse’s and children’s names – you can even personalise a bauble for each of your pets.  

  1. A Beautiful Mantel

If you already have a gorgeous mantel above your fireplace, then consider updating it to match your chosen colour scheme for this year’s Christmas season. Stick to neutral colours to ensure it will fit into your luxury home for the whole of next year too. A floating mantel makes a stunning focal point above your roaring winter fire and is a fantastic way to showcase your pop up holidays cards from your loved ones. Add Christmas stockings, in your chosen colours, to your mantel if it is high enough, for an added injection of festive cheer to your living room. Stockings are a wonderfully eco-friendly way to house sustainable luxury fashion gifts this year – all the love with none of the wasted and unnecessary wrapping!

  1. Christmas Lights

Create a winter wonderland indoors with fake snow and fairy lights. There is nothing like the festive glow of Christmas lights, they soften any area and add a sense of romanticism that cannot be achieved by standard lighting options. These little beauties are available in a wide variety of lengths and colours so you will be able to find the perfect option for your area with ease. Christmas lights are an indoor or outdoor option, or better yet – choose both! If you are feeling creative, here are 10 unexpected ways to decorate your luxury home using Christmas lights this season. You can have your lights installed by professionals, from a simple traditional look to the more inspired elaborate displays.

  1. Don’t Forget the Wreath!

The Christmas wreath has significant meaning for the festive season. The circular shape represents eternity, from a Christian perspective it represents the unending circle of life. Whatever a wreath means to you, I think we can all agree that Christmas is not the same without one (or three, or six…). You can make one with the kids as a holiday project, or you can buy one that suits your own personal taste and style. There are so many wreaths available in stores and online, with plenty unique design ideas available, don’t feel like you must go with a traditional option if it doesn’t suit your personality. The symbolism behind the wreath is still there regardless of the style you choose. A wreath is a warm and welcoming addition to your front door, and really any door you hang one on. 

Christmas, in a luxury home, is the perfect time to showcase your love for the festive season in a chic and stylish manner. Luxurious decorations abound and the smell of gingerbread cookies baking in the kitchen, are all the elements you need to host the perfect Christmas – just don’t forget to take your decorations down after the season is over!

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