Sustainable Luxury Fashion

Fast fashion has had many different forms over the years. This includes Forever 21, Fashion Nova, Princess Polly, and about a million other well-known brands that aren’t very ethical. Furthermore, there are luxury brands that are just as unethical but more expensive. For example, Louis Vitton and Gucci have “sustainable” plans but have got to commit to them. Helen Lee Schifter, a fashion editor, suggests that more authentic and fully sustainable brands should get support. 

Eileen Fisher is a recycled, organic brand that also uses natural dyes. The company has a diverse offering of clothing and accessories. They specialize in silk and avoiding hazardous chemicals that fast fashion industries use. Next, Mara Hoffman. These clothes are also recycled and organic. They include a variety of swimwear that is uncommon in many luxury brands. They have regenerated fibers to product fibers for their swimwear. Next up, Ninety Percent. They also use organic materials and create outstanding clothes. They specialize in dress, jackets, and sweaters. All these brands are finally redesigning the fast fashion industry. It’s so important to keep generating sustainable clothes in hope of saving the climate. Many influential figures, like Helen Lee Schifter, are doing their best to support brands that are clean. Having fashion brands band together to create social change is important if the world wants to so positive environmental developments.

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